Is Buying A Carpet Cleaner Worth It?

jhonny cleaning carpet with a carpet cleaner

People who have carpet flooring have surely gone through this and that is cleaning carpet. And the burning question among them is, Is buying a carpet cleaner worth it? The answer to this question mainly depends on the affairs and your necessities. If your home is facing stains and spills constantly then you really need … Read more

Do Rubbing Alcohol Stain Carpets?

rubbing Alcohol in a bottle

Rubbing alcohols are diluted isopropyl alcohol (70%) Which mainly serves the purpose of removing stains and disinfecting surfaces. Though many people think that rubbing alcohol will stain carpets. But I am afraid that it is not true at all. Rubbing alcohol will not stain the carpet if used in limited amounts. So if you are … Read more

The Best Way To Get Soap Out Of Carpet

Are you having problems cleaning the carpet? Does your carpet show stains just after cleaning it up with soap? No need to worry anymore. We got you here. The main reason for stains showing just after cleaning it up is the soap sticking with the fibers of the carpet. You might wonder what is the … Read more

How to Clean Glass off Carpet? 5 Simple Steps


There are many ways that can damage your carpet permanently. Spilling water or spilling coffee can damage your carpet severely.  Broken glass is one of the big reasons to damage carpets severely. If you are not aware of that then there are a lot of causes that can damage your carpet permanently by ripping and … Read more

How To Stop Cat From Scratching Carpet On Stairs

angry cat scratching carpet and you have to stop it

Your cat and your stair carpets are having a battle of their lives? But you don’t want any of it and want to stop it as soon as possible? You have come to the right place. So, how to stop cat from scratching carpet on stairs? There are a few ways to do so. Using … Read more

Is Carpet Cleaning Hard Work?

an adult man cleaning carpet

It is a common question among many people if carpet cleaning is hard work to do. The answer is yes, it is hard work to do if the carpet is very old and has too much soil. The more the age of the carpet and the amount of soil, the more problems will only increase. … Read more

Best Way To Get Mud Out Of Carpet

a kid playing with lot of mud

Mud stains and dirt are very familiar things to carpet owners. These give a good headache if they are not taken care of carefully.  There are some procedures you have to follow correctly if you want to remove mud stains from your carpet. You also have to use the proper chemical item for this thing.  … Read more

Here Are The Best Carpet Odor Eliminators For 2023

Best Carpet odor eliminator- featured image

Carpet odors are a source of frustration and an eyesore and can even ruin your home’s charm.  But you don’t have to live with it for long because there are ways to eliminate carpet odor naturally, especially if you want to remove it from all sections of the carpet, including the padding.  The quick and … Read more