What Are The Best Plastic Carpet Protector For Pets ?

Are you fed up because your pet leaks on your carpet?

Are you unsatisfied with your current plastic carpet protector that isn’t able to protect your carpet from your pets?

And if you’re new to the concept of purchasing a plastic carpet protector then we have got the ultimate guide and picks for you.

Choosing and purchasing the correct product is always hard for people who just bought a carpet or a rug.

So, without wasting any of your time, let’s see what are the best plastic carpet protectors for pets.

There are various types of carpet protectors such as rolls, tapes etc.

And there are different sizes also.

So, we have tried to pick the ones that will be more compatible with most of the people.

For starters, we’ve a large sized plastic carpet protector.

Then, we’ve got a plastic carpet protector roll for your pets.

And lastly, we picked a plastic tape as our final pick for the best plastic carpet protector for pets.

Keep in mind that not only your carpet needs to be safe from your pets, also your pets must be safe from the plastic carpet protector.

That’s why we picked the ones that are completely safe for your pets and also for your children.

Best Plastic Carpet Protector For Pets

The fact is that the ones that we’ve picked here as our top picks may not be suitable for everyone.

Are you  specifically looking for protection against cats? (see here)

So, if you don’t find your desired carpet protector here, don’t be disheartened.

There are tons of great plastic carpet protectors out there for pets. But

We believe we have what you need.

Image Product Details   Price
backpac Resilia Large Plastic Carpet Protector For Pets Check Price
backpac Carpet Protection Film Plastic Carpet Protector Roll Check Price
cordlessblower CLAWGUARD Plastic Carpet Protection Tape Check Price

Resilia- Large Plastic Carpet Protector For Pets

resilia large plastic carpet protector

You basically need a large plastic carpet protector when you have a large carpet.

Some people want small carpet protectors such as tape, rolls etc. to cover their large carpets.

And others want a large carpet protector to ensure their carpet is safe from their pets’ leaks.

The carpet protector is heavy duty built. It will protect your carpet from all kinds of mess that may wreck your carpet.

Sometimes, pets aren’t the only ones that hamper your carpet. Wine spills, curry spills, water spills etc. might also wreck your carpet. Thus, this carpet protector is built as water-resistant to save your carpet from those kinds of spills.

It has gripping technology that will make the protector stick to the carpet. Usually, there are some problems that your protector might slip off the carpet. To make sure this doesn’t happen, the manufacturers added a gripping technology.

It is rather common that the size of the protector might not match the size of your carpet. So, to solve these kinds of problems, it has a thin layer that can be easily cut with scissors and fit according to your will.

As we mentioned earlier, the carpets we chose are completely safe for children and pets as they don’t have any toxic materials.


  • Heavy duty build.
  • Water resistant.
  • Has a gripping technology.
  • Can easily be cut.
  • Safe for children and pets.

Carpet Protection Film – Plastic Carpet Protector Roll

Carpet Protection Film

Have you ever wondered what is the easiest way to set up the carpet protector on the carpet?

Well, the answer is simple. The plastic carpet protector rolls are the easiest way to put the carpet protector on the carpet.

And this product is one of the best plastic carpet protector rolls you will ever see on the market.

This carpet protector roll can easily cover 400 square ft. on its own. And you can easily cut it up as you please. Means you can use the protector over and over again.

Also, this protector will protect your carpet from any kind of mess falling on it like wine spills, paint spills, construction debris, pet’s leaks, dust, dirt etc.

The great part about this carpet protector is that you can remove the protector whenever you want. It can last upto 45 days, after 45 days you have to eventually remove it from the carpet.

Don’t worry, that doesn’t mean that the adhesive of this carpet protector is not sticky. It is sticky enough to perform as we expect from it.

As the protector has no toxic materials, it is safe for both your children and pets.

It has a strong built structure, so no matter what your pets do to the carpet protector, it won’t harm either your protector or your carpet.


  • Easy to install.
  • Can cover 400 square ft.
  • Can easily be cut.
  • Protect your carpet from all kinds of mess.
  • Can be removed easily after installation.
  • Sticky adhesive.
  • Safe for children and pets.
  • Heavy duty build.

CLAWGUARD- Plastic Carpet Protection Tape

Plastic Carpet Protection Tape

The carpet protector tapes are mostly needed for strong hold onto the carpet, because many carpet protectors tend to come out or fall off the carpet after a few days.

The tape ensures that your carpet protector always protects your carpet.

You might think that installing the tape on the carpet is going to be a drag. Well, it’s not.It only takes about two seconds to install the tape on the carpet.

And the protector is strong enough to deal with any damage that falls into it.

The protector is safe for your pets, and it is recyclable. As it is recyclable, your monthly costs for taking care of your carpet is going to be reduced.

The most interesting part of the carpet protector tape is that you can apply it anywhere like on doors, tables, sofas etc. to protect them from harm.

And also, the tape protector comes with a set that includes one roll of plastic carpet protection tape and one tape holder.


  • Sticks to the carpet for a long time.
  • The installation only takes two seconds.
  • Strong enough to handle any damage.
  • Safe for pets.
  • Recyclable.
  • Made for multi purpose uses.
  • Comes with a tape holder.

Our verdict

Here comes the moment of truth.

Honestly, there is no perfect carpet protector out there. Everyone has a personal preference.

Still, if someone ever asks us with zero knowledge about carpet protectors which one they should get, we would recommend the Carpet Protection Film 24″ x 200′ roll. Strong and Durable Carpet Protector to them.

Other than that, it’s all up to which one to choose.


Can you put plastic over carpet?

Of course. Why not? But it  depends on the type of plastic and the type of carpet. Some plastics, like polypropylene, are safe to cover with plastic, while other types of plastics, like PVC, may not be safe to cover with plastic.

How can I protect my carpet from my cat?

There are a few things that you can do to protect your carpet from your cat. One is to put up a fence around the perimeter of the room in which your cat spends the majority of its time. This will help to keep your cat contained and prevent it from climbing up onto the furniture or carpet to get a snack. 

You can also put up a screen door so that your cat can enter and leave the room but not escape. If you have a cat that loves to scratch, you can buy a scratching post made specifically for cats and place it in the area where your cat loves to scratch. 

Or you can use a cat carpet protector.

by Paul Carson
Paul Carson is a carpet specialist. He and his wife have been in the industry for several decades, starting with Carson’s Carpets & Floors when it was just a junior high shop. His father was also a professional carpenter who installed floors and carpeting for years. Carson has been installing carpets since he was fourteen years old.He did not want to be like his dad, so he became an installer.

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