How To Get Weed Oil Out Of Carpet: A Step By Step Guide To Get Rid Of Weed Oil Stains And Smell

Weed oil is recommended by many psychiatrists to reduce anxiety or stress. Spotting a bottle of weed oil is nothing rare anymore. But what happens if that weed oil gets spilled on your carpet? How to get weed oil out of carpet?

Because of the use of cannabis, the stains are most likely to turn into a shade of green. You have to take immediate action when you spot spilled weed oil in your carpet. 

Rubbing is prohibited if the stain is caused by weed oil, you have to dab it. Using a stain remover should be the safest option here.

Remember to take care of both sides of the carpet. If you are not willing to use a stain remover, use Baking Soda and White Vinegar instead.

Can Weed Oil Ruin Carpet?

Oils have a reputation for ruining our fabric, carpets, and our beloved clothes. And they leave stubborn stains that aren’t easy to remove. Weed oil is nothing different from it.

Weed oil consists of cannabis as its primary ingredient. However, Cannabis isn’t the ingredient in weed oil that would make those indisputable stains. Chlorophyll is responsible for making those stains.

Weed oil will eventually ruin your carpets, although there is a brighter side to Weed oils compared to other oils. Cannabis would be responsible for giving those stains a shade of green color. 

Chlorophyll-caused stains are difficult to remove from carpets. But not the ones with Cannabis. During the curing process of weed, bacteria would consume the chlorophyll and then break it down. So, the remaining chlorophyll would be less than usual and the stains caused by weed oil won’t be permanent.

Here’s how to get Weed Oil out of carpet

We will be showing you two fundamental ways of removing weed oil from the carpet. The first one would be an old-school trick. Everyone should have these kinds of tricks up their sleeves. And the second one is by making and using a homemade ingredient. So, let’s get into it.

Basic Method

Taking Actions As Soon As Possible

You have to take action as soon as you spot weed oil spilled on your carpet. It’s because the stains will get more stubborn if you leave them as they are for longer. So, you have to take immediate action for removing weed oil stains from your carpet.

First Dab, then you have to Rub

We all know we need to rub any spills after we spot them. So far, we knew this was the only way to remove stains. But this is not applicable to Weed oil. You should never rub any sort of weed oil stain to remove it from your carpet.

So, what should you do now? You need to dab it. Lightly dab the stains before you apply any stain removers. You can use the Folex Instant Carpet Spot Remover as your stain remover. 

It can be used to remove any kind of stain including weed oil stains, also it’s water-based, so it’s non-flammable and doesn’t have any odor.

Be cautious of both sides of the carpet

Only dabbing the front side of the carpet may not be very useful to you sometimes. However, most of the time they do the trick, but you have to make sure there aren’t any stains under the carpet. So, dab and use stain removers for both sides of the carpet.

Homemade Remedy Method

Mix White Vinegar and Baking Soda

Baking soda and white vinegar are the most useful ingredients to remove any sort of stubborn stains. Mix them up by taking equally balanced portions.

Dab on the carpet

Dabbing is the only thing you need to do here. Scrubbing and rubbing are strictly prohibited.

Apply the mixture

Once you are finished dabbing the carpet, now it’s time to apply the mixture you’ve made. Apply the homemade remedy on both sides of the carpet.

15 minutes waiting

Wait for 15 minutes after applying the mixture or wait until the mixture gets the color brown.

Remove the mixture

After your mixture has turned brown, remove it using water or use white vinegar again. You can soak your carpet in white vinegar to remove stains and the mixture. 

Rinse your carpet

After completing all those steps, rinse it in warm water, then dry it however you like.

Here Are The Steps

How To Get Rid Of The Weed Oil Smell From Carpet?

Of course, Cannabis will emit a strong odor. As a result, weed oil will eventually smell more like a weed. So, need to get rid of this kind of smell. How do we do that?

Deep Cleaning The Carpet

Only cleaning the carpet with basic procedures might not be enough. So, you need to clean it from top to bottom. Deep cleaning is the most effective method of all to remove the odor of weed. You should be able to do it from any deep cleaning services nearby.

Do you know how long to keep cleaning carpet?

Using Smell Remover

There are a lot of products out in the market which will help you to remove the smell from the carpet. If we were to recommend a product, we would recommend the Defunkify Odor Remover Spray.

It not only ensures smell removal but also ensures your safety as there are no toxic chemicals used in this product. It uses different oils and Ionic Silver to spread its odor to nullify the weed fragrance.

Bottom Line

We hope that you’ve gotten everything you wanted to know here. It’s fairly possible that we may have missed some pointers to mention here. If you are still troubled with this issue or any kind of issue regarding weed oil, contact us via email.

However, we are pretty much sure that we have given you everything you need to work on with. Still, there is nothing wrong with contacting a carpet experts service company, right? So, best of luck with your weed oil and carpet.

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