Is It True? Can Spilling Water on Carpet Cause Mold?

If you have carpeted your house then you must be worried about getting your brand-new carpet harmed. There are a lot of ways where your carpet can be harmed. Such as falling food on the carpet, toddlers spilling milk on the carpet, and adults, it may be the wine that can fall over the carpet. Even animals are more dangerous for carpets to get harmed. In all of those cases, water is also an item that can make your carpet mold.

Yes, spilling water on the carpet can make your carpet mold. Water can damage your carpet greatly. Even though the impact of the water is lesser than wine, foodstuffs, and milk. But you have to clean up the spilled water from the carpet as soon as possible. 

After the water is spilled on the carpet, if it is late to clean it up then there is a very high possibility of the water getting molded by the carpet. If the water sits deeply in the carpet then it will be useless to dry out the carpet because even the air will revitalize the mold and mildew.

Can Spilling Water On Carpet Cause Mold?

Water is a soothing element. That is why the waves of crashing and the rhythm of it are so peaceful. But exceeding the limit of anything is not really a good sign at all. The same goes for water. If your house has too much water then this is a very good chance that your house has mold.

molded wall and carpet

Natural calamities like hurricanes or a pipe burst in your home both can lead to poisonous mold and mildew. This kind of poisonous mold is very dangerous to asthmatics as it can cause skin irritation and wheeze.

There is a rumor about mold that extensive water can lead to mold. But that is not true fully. If there is a humid condition or dampness, the mold thrives badly. 

So if your property has a small leak, you might not care about it, but this thing can lead to mold and mold leads to infestation.

What To Do If You Have Spilled Water On Carpet?

A mold can grow and take over your carpet almost in 24 to 48 hours. So you have to be quick to take proper steps to clean up and take back your house to a dry state.

You have to look for leak spots and any kind of unwanted water source which can lead your home carpet to mold. You have to carefully deal with it as water can transmit electricity and contact with them without proper way can be hazardous.

If your carpet is damped you better not walk on it as it will wear off easily. You have to take other steps to walk to the other side. 

There is a good probability that water can also sneak into your house by groundwater or by pooling water, so you have to check the foundation and the corners of the pool as well.

Try to remove the moist objects. Store them outside; otherwise it has a good potential to mold the carpet.

You can also use carpet cleaners. These things help a lot and work fast if you spill water on your carpet.


Spilling water on the carpet is a very normal thing. But if you do not take the necessary steps properly then your carpet will get mold. To prevent this growth of mold in this article we have shown you the proper ways and steps you can follow to prevent growing mold in your carpet. If we have missed any important information we sincerely apologize for that.

Now go ahead and get a carpet cleaner solution for your carpet problem.

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