Can You Use Fabuloso On Carpets? Find Out Now

Most people recognize fabuloso as a predominant cleaner which is used on hard surfaces like rooftops and floors, or you may even try it on any other surface. 

But the versatility of Fabuloso is unknown to most people. You can use it as a multipurpose cleaner but do you know that Fabuloso can also be used on fabrics?

So can you use Fabuloso on carpet? The answer is yes. You certainly can use fabuloso on the carpet.

Fabuloso is a great cleaning product. Not only is this a great cleaner after using it, it also smells great where most of the cleaning product can not spread good aromas around.

Fabuloso is an amazing cleaning product that I can suggest for any cleaning supply closet.

The Ingredients in Fabuloso and Their Effect on Carpet 

The main ingredient in fabuloso is lactic acid. For this ingredient, the effectiveness of the product rises up greatly.

Aside from lactic acid, there is sodium dodecyl benzene which also plays a good part in Fabuloso. It is used as a detergent and pesticide.

The other ingredient is sodium chloride. This ingredient is widely used in household cleaning products all around the world. That is why Fabuloso is created with this ingredient so that you can use it for any household cleaning very easily without any hesitation.

Cleaning Carpet

As I have mentioned Fabuloso can be used on any surface which brings us to the usage on hard surfaces like countertops, floors, wooden surfaces etc. As Fabuloso is able to clean the hard surfaces the main reason behind this is C9-11 Pareth-8. This ingredient allows you to clean hard surfaces as it is used as a professional detergent. You can also use this Fabuloso ingredient to clean the kitchen as it has an agent to remove any kind of oil stains.

And one of the most important parts of fabuloso ingredients is fragrance. There are many cleaners in the market. But you will rarely find any cleaners with a great fragrance. Fabuloso has this kind of fragrance in it so that while using it you do not have to smell any bad smells rather you can be in a great fragrance.

There are some colorants in fabuloso for some variations in colors. You can find different colors of Fabuloso in the market with different fragrances and flavors.

Last but not least is water. In Fabuloso, almost 70% to 80% is water. You can grasp a good reason for water use in fabuloso.

How to Use Fabuloso on Carpet Without Harming Carpet Fabrics

Using Fabuloso for cleaning carpets is what I suggest all the time. But before using it blindly you have to learn some proper ways to use Fabuloso on a carpet. Because if you use it without knowing the proper ways you may harm the carpet fabrics.

Step: 1

Get your carpet and pour some Fabuloso on the stain. Do not overflow, pour enough to cover the stain.

Step: 2

Knead it with your hand. But before doing it, have a cloth over the stain to knead.

Step: 3

After kneading, check the carpet if the stain has gone. If the stain does not go then continue with the kneading and use the Fabuloso as much as you need to remove it.

Step: 4

Use a bottle of water to spray some on it.

Step: 5

Do not spray all over the carpet. Spray only the stained area then use another cloth on that area.

Step: 6

Smudge the site with the cloth until the carpet parches.

By following these steps you can perfectly use Fabuloso on the carpet without harming it.

Does Fabuloso Help Deep Cleaning Carpets?

Fabuloso is a powerful cleaning solution which can terminate tough stains and remove dirt from the carpet. As it contains strong cleaning agents it can be used on any surface, and it can break down grime and dirt which makes it easier for vacuum cleaners to vacuum and rub away.

It also has a great fragrance which will make your carpets smell nice and look fresh.

If there is any tough stain which can not be removed by fabuloso alone then you can use the Fabuloso with baking soda mixture. Before using this combination you have to vacuum the area properly, then blotch the baking soda over the carpet and let it like that way for 15 to 20 minutes. Then softly mist the area with Fabuloso. You do not have to wait that long after using Fabuloso, just simply vacuum the baking soda and your carpets will look fresh, clean and smell nice.

There is Heavy Duty carpet cleaner in the market. If you use those then the effectiveness of using your Fabuloso will get a huge buff. This will help a lot for deep cleanings with fabuloso.


Fabuloso is now a demandable product in the market. Not only for its effectiveness but also the fragrance and smell after the use of Fabuloso makes it more popular among people.

Fabuloso can be used on any surface but using it unconditionally can cause a lot of damage. So in this article, I tried to show you the best way to use fabuloso on a carpet. If I missed any vital points I sincerely apologise for that.

by Claire
My business background is in Customer Service, which has led nicely into my role in the cleaning industry. I love meeting new people, and spending time with our customers. I am never in a rush to leave and ensure we not only carry out a thorough job, but have time to chat to some of our lonelier clients if required.