The Only Carpet Protection Guide | Cat Owners Will Ever Need

We know exactly how it feels to pet a cat and having a luxurious carpet at the same time.

It’s almost like the cats declare a war against our carpets and fight those non-living home decorations.

We keep trying to save our carpets from our cats, but at the end of the day, the cats have the last laugh. Who knows what kind of grudge our cats have against our favorite carpets?

So now is the time to ensure the ultimate safety for your carpet. And that’s why we will be guiding you along the path to the ultimate carpet protection for the cat owners. 

If you have luxury carpets for bedrooms and, at the same time a cat, then read out along to the end.

We can promise you that we won’t be letting you down. We must keep the oath for guiding you to find the ultimate protection you’ve been looking for ages.


Let’s take a quick look into what we will be talking about further down here.

What are the most common problems we face with our pets for keeping our carpets clean?

The urine, pooping, vomiting, scratching, spilling foods, displacing the carpets, smells and so more problems are there that we have to handle in order to protect our carpet right?

Here, we will be giving you solutions for all of these problems we face or are going to face if we have a cat that has declared war against our carpet. 

Also, we are going to recommend some products that will help you to win this battle against your cat for protecting your carpet.

So, let’s not waste any more of your time and see how we are going to do this.

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Everything You Need To Know Protect Your Carpet From Cat

Best Cat Friendly Carpet Types

To protect your carpets from your cat, first you need a carpet that is immune to cat attacks. You know, like being immune to scratching, clawing, damaging the carpet with its paws etc.

But there are no carpets in the world that can get rid of the urine and poop just as it is. You either have to take measurements before they destroy your carpet or you just have to clean them.

So, what type of carpets are immune to cat attacks?

The nylon carpets, frieze carpets, polyester carpets and berber carpets are safe from your cats scratching on them or pawing on them.

You would be glad to know that they don’t cost you a fortune and they can be found at any carpet store near you. 

Most of these carpets are stain resistant. So, if your cat or you spill any food or wine into your carpet, you can easily wash them off and they won’t stain your carpet.

And you might be wondering, those carpets may not look much appealing. Don’t worry, those carpets have countless designs. The ones that have a premium look to it, may cost you some extra bucks out of your wallet.

Dealing with Cat Pee or Urine

Maybe the most annoying problem your cat makes you deal with, isn’t it?

This problem is so frustrating that some people have second thoughts about having a cat. And the main problem isn’t even your cat peeing on your carpet. It’s the smell that makes us mad, right?

Then, what should we do to prevent this problem?

A shy cat
A Shy Cat

Why do cats pee on the carpet?

Firstly, we should try to find out why your cat is peeing on your beloved carpet. The reasons are somewhat logical. Your cat might not be trying to piss you off by intentionally peeing on the carpet.

It could be going through some problems like stress issues, medical issues, dietary issues etc. The most common issue would be the issue with your cat’s litter box.

Learn more about common cat health issues.

If you don’t clean your cat’s litter box very often, then it must find a new place to urinate.

And the other issues are like having diabetes, kidney stones, bladder problems and something like that.

So, let’s see how we can totally eradicate the urination problem concerning our cats and carpets.

Best way to clean cat urine off the carpet

To clean off the cat urine, you have to first locate where your cat has peed on.

It will be a piece of cake if you can spot the urine before it gets dried out. But what will happen if the urine gets dried out and you can no longer see it.

Learn how to detect urine on carpet.

To solve these kinds of problems, there are some flashlight detectors that will help you to detect where your cat has peed. One of the best flashlight pet urine detectors is Vansky 51 Blacklight Pet Urine Detector.

It has a UV white light which will help you to find out the place where your cat has urinated easily and quickly. The wattage of this flashlight is only 5 watts so you won’t be needing a powerful battery all the time. It is a compact designed flashlight that can easily fit into your pocket.

Alright, now comes the cleaning part. What cleaner should you use to clean your cat’s urine? Should you use a regular carpet cleaner?

A regular carpet cleaner won’t do the work. We would highly recommend a pet urine cleaner to use. If we are talking about a pet urine cleaner then  we can only think of Nature’s Miracle Pet Block Repellent Spray.

It doesn’t contain any chemical ingredients that would harm your kids and pets. It can last for a long time to eliminate the spell your cat’s urine would be emitting. It will also clean any stain that the urine would cause. Overall, a great pet urine cleaner to look out for.

How to stop cats from peeing on carpet?

To stop the cats from peeing on your carpet, you have to find out the reason why they are peeing on your carpet in the first place.

We already have talked about what would be the reasons for your cats to pee on your carpet. Let’s go through them one by one.

If your cat has medical issues and because of that he has been torturing you by peeing on carpet, then take him to the vet. Make sure whether he has kidney stones, diabetes, infections or not. Treat him with care and you will see the results.

If your cat was going through stress issues, relieve the cat from stress. Play with it instead of just giving it food and cleaning its pee and poop. Animals also need affection in order to get out of stress.

Make sure you have a proper litter box for your cat. It is a common problem among cat owners who don’t have a litter box. The litter box of your cat is its private space just like you have a room for yourself. Try to clean your cat’s litter box whenever you get the chance.

After doing all of these, your cat should stop torturing you and your carpet.

Dealing with Cat Poop

Probably the most irritating problem we have to deal with our cats after their urination. And dealing and cleaning cat poop can sometimes be a bit gross, can’t it?

Then how do we clean up this mess and why do they keep messing up our carpets with their poop?

an art of cats and humans

Why do cats poop on carpet?

Just like peeing, there are some logical reasons for your cat to poop on your carpet. It sounds peculiar, right? Why would the cats have a logical reason to poop on carpets?

Well, the reasons are pretty the same as the peeing reasons. Medical issues, stress issues and litter box issues are the three horsemen of your cat pooping on your carpet.

But the medical issues aren’t the same as the urination medical problems. Thyroid problems, digesting problems, intestinal issues etc. are pretty much the reason your cat is pooping on the carpet.

The second thing comes is the stress issues. Almost the same as the stress issues with urination problems.

And of course, the litter box issues. Most of the cases the litter box is the main reason your cat is finding another place to poop.

How to clean cat poop out of carpet?

Cleaning the poop out from your carpet is a difficult thing to do. Unlike  urine, it smells pretty bad and of course it is a hard substance that you have to clean either with your hands or a tray.

If you are using hands, then wear gloves. Not using gloves would be a terrible mistake here. 

Use a tissue or cleaning cloth to remove the poop from your carpet. You can also use a tray if you want to. Make sure to clean your tray after you use it to throw away the poop.

Now, clean the area where the cat has pooped with water. Afterwards, you can use an enzyme based pet poop cleaner to clean the carpet. It will wash away the stains and smell caused by the cat’s poop.

The cleaning process might be a little gross, but endure it as it isn’t that hard to clean your cat’s mess.

Dealing with Cat Vomit

It is a serious matter for both your cat and carpet. Cats don’t usually vomit. Either they have eaten a lot of food or they are sick. You should take your cat to the vet for both of the reasons.

And as for your carpet, you can clean it just how you cleaned your cat’s urine and poop. Though you cannot use the same carpet cleaners as you used for urine and poop.

There are some specific carpet cleaners that are made for cleaning your pet’s vomit. Just wipe off the vomit with a tissue or a cleaning cloth and clean your carpet with the pet’s vomit carpet cleaner.

Remember not to mess with your cat’s diet plan. Digestion problems also cause vomiting for cats. Make sure your cat doesn’t have any severe illness.

How to remove cat hair from carpet?

Another painful experience to have a cat. Well, you can’t blame your cats for this, right?

They are just roaming and playing around your home. While doing so, they left their hair on the carpet. It wouldn’t be a big deal if there wasn’t enough hair to even notice it.

But the problem begins when they leave out a lot of their hair. And all we can do is to remove those hairs from our carpet.

Although there are some other carpet cleaner tools like carpet extractor wand, air scrubber, defoamer, vacuum cleaner etc. to clean your carpets single handedly. But even for them, removing pet hair is a difficult job.

Most people use vacuum cleaners along with some carpet cleaner liquid to clean their carpet. They even use a vacuum cleaner to remove the pet hair from the carpet. But it still isn’t capable of removing pet hair from your carpet properly.

But a pet hair remover will do the job efficiently. And we know the perfect pet hair remover for you, it’s called ChomChom Pet Hair Remover

This pet hair remover is super easy to use. Take all of the loose hair from the carpet with this pet hair remover. Then just press it to the ground then release the button on the remover to open and throw away all of the hair.

It is so reliable because it doesn’t need any electricity or power supply or any batteries. Though it is a completely manual functioned device. So, someone needs to operate it.

With the help of pet hair remover tools, you can easily wipe away the fur and hair out of your carpet.

Dealing with cat pee or poop or puke smell

The smell from your cat’s mess is always so bothersome. Sometimes, it becomes suffocating. But not as bad as you need to pass out though.

But living with this kind of smell is going to be very difficult. So, the only thing you can do is to remove the smell from your carpet.

There is a natural way that you can use. Just spray some white vinegar into your carpet and wait for an hour or two. The smell would just go away itself.

But if you want to use a smell removing tool, then you can use the Rocco and Roxie Stain and Odor Eliminator. It is a reliable smell remover for carpets and specially is made for removing smells of pet pee or poop or puke.

Best way to get cat pee smell out of carpet

The best way to get rid of cat pee smell would be using a pet smell remover like Rocco and Roxie Stain and Odor Eliminator.

It is an enzyme based smell remover, which terminates any kind of bad smell coming out of your carpet. The enzyme would also remove the stains from your carpet, because cat’s pee also stains your carpet.

Best way to get cat poop smell out of carpet

We’ll recommend you to use the same product here also.

The enzyme added to this pet smell remover works for any kind of smell your pet would emit, starting from poop to puke. And your cat’s puke also leaves stains on your carpet. This smell remover can also remove stains caused by cat poop.

Best way to get cat puke smell out of carpet

The same product would just do fine to remove the cat puke smell out of your beloved carpet.

We already talked about how this enzyme based pet smell remover can remove any kind of pet smell from your carpet, and it can also remove the stains your cat’s puke just left behind.

So, if you were to use any artificial pet smell remover, you can use the one we’ve recommended. But you are free to choose any product you want to use to get rid of the cat pee or poop or puke smell from your carpet.

How to stop cats from scratching carpet?

A Girl With A Cat - Teaching it not to scratch the carpet
A Girl With A Cat

You might remember that we have already talked about how you can stop your cat from scratching your carpet. You just need to buy a nylon or a frieze or a polyester or a berber carpet to stop them from scratching.

But what if you already bought a carpet that isn’t one of those? We have gotten two types of products for you to rescue you from that kind of scenario.

The first one is  PetSafe SSSCat Spray. It is pretty much like bug spray, but it’s completely harmless. This spray will prevent your cat from going to the location you’ve sprayed.

If you spray it on your carpet, then your cat will smell a strange odor from three feet away and will not go near the carpet anymore. Just like bugs run away when they smell a bug killer spray. So, your cat won’t scratch your carpet if he doesn’t go near it.

The next item is a fun product for your cat. To prevent your cat from scratching your carpet, you can give him a SmartCat Pioneer Pet Ultimate Scratching Post.

Instead of scratching your carpet, your cat will be scratching this post. And this scratching post is durable enough to endure any type of scratching. Even if your cat is an expert scratcher, he can’t destroy this scratching post. This will make your carpet safer.

The items that we have recommended here to stop your cat from scratching your carpet is a bit unusual. You can go back to that old method of purchasing a carpet that is cat friendly and scratch resistant. 

Otherwise, you can use similar types of tools just buy the brand you like, that’s all.

Learn More about plastic carpet protectors for pets and cat carpet protector.

Best carpet cleaners for cat owners

Before we finish off our guide to protecting your carpet from your cats, we would like to recommend to you one final product that we think will be a great purchase for you.

A picture of best carpet cleaner for cat

Bissell ProHeat 2X Revolution Pet Pro

The reason for choosing this carpet cleaner as our best carpet cleaner for cat owners would be that the Bissell are donating the money to BISSELL Pet Foundation in order to save homeless cats.

Yes, the money you will be using to buy this carpet cleaner will go straight into the fund for helping homeless, helpless cats. The Bissell are doing such a noble deed with their products. That’s more reason to purchase this carpet cleaner right now.

But you won’t be purchasing this carpet cleaner only for the donations. This carpet cleaner is the best carpet cleaner for cats. There are a very few carpet cleaners out there that can remove the smell your pet leaves behind in your carpet.

This carpet cleaner can remove both stains and smell from your carpet. It can even remove the cat hair from your carpet. The toughest stains are nothing in front of this carpet cleaner.

And also, this carpet cleaner only weighs about 18 pounds. It is a lightweight carpet cleaner that will help you to move freely in your house to clean your rowdy cats’ mess.

Honestly, as a cat owner, you can’t ask for more from a carpet cleaner, can you?


Oh dear, we have come a very long way, haven’t we?

We hope we were able to guide you to the correct path of protecting your beloved carpet from your beloved cat.

Really, we just can’t abandon any of them. That’s why we have to hold our footing and stop our cat from destroying our carpet.

And if they poop or pee or puke on our carpets, we have to clean them, because what else can we do anyway, right?

Now go ahead and share the article with your friends.Let them know how they can keep both their cat and carpet protected.

by Paul Carson
Paul Carson is a carpet specialist. He and his wife have been in the industry for several decades, starting with Carson’s Carpets & Floors when it was just a junior high shop. His father was also a professional carpenter who installed floors and carpeting for years. Carson has been installing carpets since he was fourteen years old.He did not want to be like his dad, so he became an installer.