The Best Guide To Protect Your Carpet From Dog Urine

Dogs are probably the most loyal and human – friendly animals in the whole world, right?

A girl hugging two dogs

There aren’t any people who wouldn’t agree with our statement. We also love our pet dogs like any other person loving their pets.

But it becomes a headache when it comes to the urination of our dogs, especially on our carpets.

We can’t complain a single thing about our dogs. They are playful, listen to our every command, ensure security and of course, the most loyal being in the entire world. 

The only problem we get from them is their leaking on our carpets. But we can’t just sit down and watch our dogs destroy our carpets.

We must take action and that’s why we have come forward to guide you to protect your carpet against your beloved dog.


The guide mostly focuses on how you can protect your carpets from your dogs. 

Still, there are some other factors that you should consider before you start protecting both your dog and your carpet

But how will you protect your carpet from your dog? 

Why does your dog keep leaking on your carpet? 

If they pee on your carpet, how should you clean it?

Don’t get too agitated with these questions. You have already answered all of these questions right down here.

So, just scroll down and find the solutions to your problems. We also have included some essential products to deal with dog urination. 

Try out the products if you like them, or you can use your preferred products, too. But without the products, it would be much more difficult for you to deal with your dog’s urine on your carpet.

What Are The Best Carpet Types For Dogs?

If you have a dog in your home and want to buy a carpet or to replace your carpet, you should try to buy the ones that are suitable for your dog.

But you don’t know which ones are the best for your dog. Don’t worry, we got you covered. 

The best type of carpet for your dogs would be 

  • Nylon carpets
  • Polypropylene carpets 
  • Frieze carpets 
  • Polyester carpets  
  • Berber carpets

What benefits do you get from purchasing these carpets?

These carpets are scratch resistant, even though dogs aren’t the ones that scratch a lot.But for safety, scratch resistant carpets would be a good option. 

These carpets are mostly known for their capability of stain resisting. You can easily wipe off any type of stain from these carpets.

And if you are concerned about the appearance of these carpets, then you should be glad to know that there are countless designs for these carpets, and you can also get premium types of carpets here.

Do you know what the best carpet fabrics are? See here.

Why Do Dogs Pee On Carpet?

You will be amazed to know that there are several logical reasons for your dog to pee on your carpet.

Your question might be: Why is peeing on carpets logical in the first place?

Dogs are very sensible when it comes to their paws. As you know, carpets are water absorbent. So, when your dog pees on the carpet, the carpet absorbs the pee, and it prevents your dog’s paw from getting wet. Your dog is really smarter than it looks, right?

Another reason would be, your dog doesn’t want to pee where you sleep. If you have a litter box for your dog, it won’t pee on it, because it doesn’t want its sleeping place to be dirty.

A cute dog urinated on carpet

And if you don’t train your dog to pee on the proper place, it would most likely try to find a proper place for itself. For most of the cases, it is your carpet that the dog may find. It’s because your dog wants a water absorbent surface to pee on.

Sometimes, dogs like to mark their territory in your house by peeing. It is a common occurrence for the dog owners. But once you train them, they quit the habit of making territory by peeing.

Many dog owners complain that their dogs pee when they praise them. It is most likely because of excessive excitement. They become excited and, due to that excitement, they often pee on the spot.

If nothing matches the reason for your dog peeing on your carpet, then it’s most likely to be a medical condition. When dogs get older, they often get urinating problems. Some of those problems are kidney stones, bladder infection etc. Holding onto pee can cause medical problems too.Know more about dog urinating problems here.

Now, you might be wondering how many times do dogs pee in a day, right?

Dogs tend to pee 3 to 5 times a day. They can go 8 straight hours without peeing. Some can go 10 hours without leaking a drop of pee, but they can’t do more than that.

A dog can leak about 10 milliliters to 20 milliliters a day for every pound of its body. A healthy Labrador that weighs about 60 pounds will leak 600 milliliters to 1200 milliliters a day.

You have to keep the schedule of your dog’s pee time in mind and encourage them to pee outside following the schedule. That’s how you can train your dog not to pee on your carpet anymore.

The urination of your dog should be an important matter to you and that’s why we have chosen the word ‘logical’ to classify it

How To Clean Dog Urine From Carpet?

A dog urinated on a carpet_animated

Cleaning the dog’s urine may have been a bit gross. Yet, we have to endure it to save our carpets from our dogs.

The problem arises when most of you don’t really know how to clean dog urine from the carpet. No need to get agitated about that, because in our ultimate guide to protecting your carpet against dog urine, we will be showing you how to properly clean your dog’s urine.

There are some DIY (Do It Yourself) ways and some ways that involve products from stores. We will show you both of them right here.

DIY ways to clean dog urine from carpet

First, we will take off with the DIY way where the cost would be close to zero. You just need some ingredients and materials to get ready before we start cleaning our carpet.

The ingredients you will need are very basic ingredients. You might already have them in your cupboard. 

You will need white vinegar and water. A diluted mixture of white vinegar and water would be an ideal solution. Try adding half of a cup of white vinegar with a gallon of water.

Use a sponge to absorb the solution. Look for the place where your dog has urinated. Once you’ve found it, rub the sponge that has absorbed the solution to the stain. If you can’t find it then, use this Urine Detector to find the urinated spot. 

Alright, now, let the carpet dry for 15 minutes to 20 minutes. Then use a towel or dry cloth to wipe off the remaining solution from the carpet. And then, your carpet wouldn’t have any proof that your dog has just peed on here.

If you are concerned about ruining the floor, then let the diluted mixture of the vinegar and water solution handle it.

More ways to clean dog pee from carpet

Doing it yourself wasn’t the only way to clean your carpet from dog urine. There are many ways you can do that.

Now, we would like to talk about one of those ways. It involves pet stain remover products. We also have a great pet stain remover for you right here. The Pet Stain and Odor Miracle is a reliable product that will help you to remove dog pee from your carpet.

First of all, enzyme based pet stain removers work well with dog pee. And the good news for you is that the product we’ve mentioned above is also an enzyme based pet stain remover. It can easily remove the stain caused by dog pee from the carpet.

And sometimes you might be concerned about using products that will harm your kids and pets. Well, this pet stain remover is completely free for your kids and pets.

Another bothersome issue with dog pee is the smell that comes from the pee. This product also removes the smell from your carpet.

How to eliminate the dog urine smell from carpet

Stains aren’t the only issue you have to deal with your dog’s pee. The smell that comes from dog pee is irritable and often suffocating. 

So, how can you remove the dog pee smell from your carpet? The best and easiest way would be to use a pet smell remover. And we got the perfect product for you and that is ANGRY ORANGE Pet Odor Eliminator.

This product has the smell of citrus, which suppresses the smell of dog urine. Suppressing the smell of dog pee eventually terminates the smell and you will smell the refreshing citrus from your carpet.

It is a great product for instant use. Just take out your pet smell remover and spray it over the place where your dog has urinated. You don’t have to do any mixture to make the product ready to use.

So, that was pretty much all you could do to clean the dog urine out of your carpet. There are some carpet cleaners such as carpet extractor wand, defoamer, vacuum cleaner etc. which work solely to clean your carpets.

But they aren’t strong enough to clean the dog pee out of your carpet. Thus, following our steps will greatly help you to protect your carpet from dog pee.

You can use any product you want other than the ones we have recommended to you.

Train Your Dog Where To Urinate So That He Won’t Pee On Carpet

Train Your Dog Where To Urinate

Training your dog to not peeing on your carpet needs a lot of work. Both from you and your dog. Dogs can easily be trained for anything you want.

This means, whether you want your dog not to pee on your carpet or not depends mostly on your efforts. If you are too lazy to train your dog for not letting them pee on your carpet, then it’s no use.

The most effective way to train them is to go for a walk. The more you spend time outside, the more your dog will understand that indoors is not the suitable place for leaking.

Sometimes your dog might not oppose you to go outside of the house, even though they are the most obedient creature in the world. Or they might not understand where you are telling him to go. To solve this problem we have a great product that will help you.

The OUT! Go Here Attractant Dog Training Spray is probably the best one for that purpose.

This spray is super easy to use, no complex instructions that might be difficult for you to understand. You can literally use this spray anywhere you want except on water.

Your dog will go to the exact place where you will spray. This will easily attract your dogs, and it won’t matter how lazy you are as it’s super easy to use. 

Also, if you are afraid of this spray harming your kids and pets, then no need to worry because it’s completely harmless to them.

Remember to praise your dog highly after they have done their training. Make them go to the place where you have put the potty pad and tell them to leak in there. After doing so, praise them for it. It will make them want to pee there more.

Be patient even if they make mistakes. Scolding them will only scare them and they might not be wanting to pee there anymore.

How To Keep Dogs Away From Carpet?

Keeping dogs away from carpet

We already talked about the type of carpets that would be able to withstand the torture from your dog’s pee. But what if you didn’t get the ones that we have mentioned. 

Rather, you got yourself a regular carpet that is fragile to dog’s pee. Now, how can you protect your carpet from your dog?

The simple answer to this would be not letting them go near your carpet. But how do you even do this?

Your dogs are obedient to any training you give them. If you train them not to go near your carpet, they are most likely to follow your lead.

Another way you can keep away from your dog peeing on the carpet is by using a pet repeller. This method is super easy to execute, and you won’t need to train your dog anymore, rather they will be trained all by themselves.

Bodhi Dog Not Here! Spray is the best dog repeller we could think of right now. This repeller is super effective for dog training. You have to spray this on your carpet and your dog won’t be coming that way anymore. 

Of course, the repeller would fade away with time, but the effect would remain for a very long time.

You might be concerned that this spray may ruin your carpet or may harm your kids or pets. But no need to worry as it’s completely safe for your carpets, kids and pets.

Just to remind you, you can also use  Plastic Carpet Protector.

Best Carpet Cleaner Machine For Dog Urine

Though we have said that regular carpet cleaners don’t really work well with dog pee, we have a carpet cleaner that is perfectly compatible with cleaning dog pee.

Let’s see how this carpet cleaner helps you

BISSELL Big Green Carpet Cleaner

BISSELL Big Green Pet Cleaning Machine Carpet Cleaner
BISSELL Big Green Pet Cleaning Machine Carpet Cleaner

Before we start talking about the product, let’s take off with the BISSELL. The BISSELL are donating the money that you use to purchase their products to BISSELL Pet Foundation.

BISSELL Pet Foundation is working day and night to help all of the helpless, homeless pets on the street. Your purchase will greatly help the poor pets.

Now, let us come to the product review. The carpet cleaner may seem a bit odd because of its green color, yet the results of this cleaner are top notch. You can get professional level service from this carpet cleaner.

To be honest, this carpet cleaner is widely used for professional use. But we couldn’t think of any better dog pee carpet cleaner than this one. That’s why we chose it as our best carpet cleaner for dog urine.

Just because we are recommending it as a dog pee cleaner doesn’t mean that it can’t be used for any other purposes. You can deep clean your carpet with the XL DirtLifter powerful brush installed on it.

It has a 9 inches long hose for reach and 6 inches wide tool for tough stains. You can easily clean the areas from a great distance.

The handle also offers great maneuverity. It helps when your dog has peed in more than one spot.

Should You Buy A Specific Carpet Or Mat For Dogs?

Buying a specific carpet for your dogs is totally recommendable. They always seek for an absorbent surface. While searching for them, they find your carpet. 

So, if you offer them a carpet that they can use as their own private space, they won’t bother your beloved carpet anymore.

But what type of carpet should you buy?

We have gotten just the perfect carpetlike for your dog. It’s the Vonabem Dog Bed Crate Pad.

It’s a super soft carpet pad, which is so comfortable that you won’t be bothered to leave that carpet. You can use this carpet pad to make their own personal space where they can sleep and also pee.

Isn’t it bad if your dog pee on that carpet pad?

No, it’s because the carpet pad is washable. It can easily wash off the dog pee and will not leave any stains. The smell might be up to you depending what type of carpet washers you use to remove the smell.

It has several sizes, so you can purchase the one that fits perfectly for your dog.

You can use any other pet carpet you want other than the one we have recommended. But this carpet pad here is the best carpet pad for dogs.

By the way, dogs love fake grass carpets. That is why most Americans buy fake grass carpets for their dogs.Don’t miss these best fake grass carpets. 


We know the pain when your dog ruins your beloved carpet. Though they didn’t do that intentionally, your carpet has been ruined.

That’s why you have to take proper measures to prevent your dog from ruining your carpet.

And we believe we have provided you with the right instructions to protect your carpet against dog urine.

So, take care of your dog, carpet and of course, yourself.

by Paul Carson
Paul Carson is a carpet specialist. He and his wife have been in the industry for several decades, starting with Carson’s Carpets & Floors when it was just a junior high shop. His father was also a professional carpenter who installed floors and carpeting for years. Carson has been installing carpets since he was fourteen years old.He did not want to be like his dad, so he became an installer.

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