What Is Carpet Sprinkle (Is It Useful?)

Someone is sprinkling carpet freshener on their carpet.

Carpet sprinkle is a popular cleaning solution that has been gaining popularity in recent times. It is an effective way to remove dirt, stains, and unpleasant odors like mildew from carpets. In this post, we will discuss carpet sprinkle, how it works, and the different types available, like citrus.We will also talk about the advantages … Read more

This Is How You Get Dog Pee Stains Out Of Carpet

A dog peed on carpet

Some of us have pets whom we love very much. But it makes us upset as well when they damage any of our belongings. The same goes for the carpets in our home. People like us who have a pet can often pee on the carpet which is very upsetting for us. But we can … Read more

How To Clean Boat Carpet? Easily By Yourself

a cleaner cleaning boat carpet

If you are a boat owner then you must have faced this problem frequently – to clean the boat carpet. This is a burning question among boat owners; how do I clean my boat carpet? Cleaning a boat carpet can be troublesome work to do. That is why most owners hire professionals to do this. … Read more

This Is How You Get Old Stains Out Of Carpet

a woman cleaning old stains off carpet

There are many ways a carpet could get stained. For that, we must know the answer to the question “how to get old stains out of carpet”. If we get to know the answer to that question, then we will be able to understand what to do after our carpet is stained somehow. There are … Read more

Emergency Carpet Cleaning: Secrets of the Pros Revealed

emergency carpet cleaning _ featured image

Carpet cleaning is a common thing among users who decorate their residences with aesthetically designed carpets. But it is a matter of concern, when an event occurs or a situation gets created that requires immediate attention. Here comes the term “Emergency Carpet Cleaning”. But most people ask “How would I know that my carpet needs … Read more

How To Dry Carpet After Cleaning 

a woman drying her hair

There are many ways to clean carpet and you have to clean your carpet to get a good look and smell good from your flooring. But not only cleaning the rug will not get the final result. You also have to dry the carpet. Even if you use the best carpet cleaner, it can be … Read more

Can You Use Laundry Detergent In Carpet Cleaner?

Can You Use Laundry Detergent In Carpet Cleaner?

The answer to the question ” Can you use laundry detergent in a carpet cleaner??” is “yes”. Even though it is always not the case. There are some exceptions in some cases. But laundry detergent is considered the safest alternative to carpet cleaner. But you have to be very careful before applying laundry detergent in … Read more

Is Buying A Carpet Cleaner Worth It?

jhonny cleaning carpet with a carpet cleaner

People who have carpet flooring have surely gone through this and that is cleaning carpet. And the burning question among them is, Is buying a carpet cleaner worth it? The answer to this question mainly depends on the affairs and your necessities. If your home is facing stains and spills constantly then you really need … Read more

Do Rubbing Alcohol Stain Carpets?

rubbing Alcohol in a bottle

Rubbing alcohols are diluted isopropyl alcohol (70%) Which mainly serves the purpose of removing stains and disinfecting surfaces. Though many people think that rubbing alcohol will stain carpets. But I am afraid that it is not true at all. Rubbing alcohol will not stain the carpet if used in limited amounts. So if you are … Read more