What Can You Do With Leftover Carpet After Install? 7+ Uses

leftover carpet

Sometimes people throw away their leftover carpet thinking they won’t need them at all. So the answer to the question, “what can I do with leftover carpet after install?” is- we can do a lot of things in order to get benefitted by these leftover carpet. Sometimes people don’t understand the effective use of these … Read more

What Causes Carpet Moths?

life cycle of carpet moths

People using woolen carpets are at grave risk of being encountered by moths which may damage their carpets and other items as well. You also seem to be worried about these moths. We should know what causes carpet moths so we can resolve the problem. In that case, carpet moths generally grow in warm and … Read more

How To Dry Carpet After Cleaning 

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There are many ways to clean carpet and you have to clean your carpet to get a good look and smell good from your flooring. But not only cleaning the rug will not get the final result. You also have to dry the carpet. Even if you use the best carpet cleaner, it can be … Read more

Can You Use Laundry Detergent In Carpet Cleaner?

Can You Use Laundry Detergent In Carpet Cleaner?

The answer to the question ” Can you use laundry detergent in a carpet cleaner??” is “yes”. Even though it is always not the case. There are some exceptions in some cases. But laundry detergent is considered the safest alternative to carpet cleaner. But you have to be very careful before applying laundry detergent in … Read more

Is Buying A Carpet Cleaner Worth It?

jhonny cleaning carpet with a carpet cleaner

People who have carpet flooring have surely gone through this and that is cleaning carpet. And the burning question among them is, Is buying a carpet cleaner worth it? The answer to this question mainly depends on the affairs and your necessities. If your home is facing stains and spills constantly then you really need … Read more

Can You Lay The Carpet Over The Tile? The Truth

laying carpet

In simple words, yes you can lay the carpet over the tile. Though it depends on the choice and the point of view of the user. Laying the carpet is often done over the tile floor generally to modify the looks of the floor and to modify the way of living in that home. You … Read more

Do You Tip Carpet Installers? What You Need To Know

saving tips money

We are often caught up in the confusion of whether we should tip our carpet installers or not. Is it customary to tip them like in restaurants? Even if you have to tip them, what is the amount? Do you tip carpet installers? Firstly, you are not obligated to tip the carpet installers. Unlike restaurants … Read more

Do Rubbing Alcohol Stain Carpets?

rubbing Alcohol in a bottle

Rubbing alcohols are diluted isopropyl alcohol (70%) Which mainly serves the purpose of removing stains and disinfecting surfaces. Though many people think that rubbing alcohol will stain carpets. But I am afraid that it is not true at all. Rubbing alcohol will not stain the carpet if used in limited amounts. So if you are … Read more

The Best Way To Get Soap Out Of Carpet

Are you having problems cleaning the carpet? Does your carpet show stains just after cleaning it up with soap? No need to worry anymore. We got you here. The main reason for stains showing just after cleaning it up is the soap sticking with the fibers of the carpet. You might wonder what is the … Read more