The Bold New Trend: Carpeted Kitchens – Are You Brave Enough to Try it?

Carpeted kitchen is considered a preferable choice in modern kitchen decor. So it is quite significant to know ” why should you prefer a carpeted kitchen”. It not only gives our kitchen and homi vibe but also is very eye-catching and stylish.

But there are some factors that you should consider before you choose a carpet for your kitchen. There are some pros and cons  of kitchen carpet. It is also very important for us to know if carpet runner or carpet tiles are a preferable choice. 

Let’s discuss these all in detail.

What To Look For When Choosing Carpet For Kitchen

It is very important for us to be considerate about some factors while we are looking to choose carpet for our kitchen. 

Some of them are-

  • Your comfort

You are going to spend a lot of time in your kitchen. So if the kitchen carpet you are using is not comfortable, then it would be very hard for you to stay in your kitchen for a longer time. Also, in every situation, your comfort comes first.

So the first thing you should consider before buying a kitchen carpet is that it should be comfortable.

  • The material of the carpet according to your preference 

It is the place where you spend a lot of time in your house. Also there is bound to be a lot of spills, dirt and mess in this place. So the material of the carpet must be stain resistant. And it must have a preferable durability

Natural fibers, like wool, cotton, jute etc are good choices. But they are quite expensive. If it doesn’t bother you, then you can choose among these natural fibers as a luxury carpet. But there are stylish and modern options for kitchen carpet made of polypropylene and nylon.

The best fabrics for your kitchen are-

  • Cotton

It is the fabric that is preferred for a kitchen carpet if you have  babies. As babies are bound to spill a lot of things and it is the easiest to clean.

  • Natural fiber (jute, sisal bamboo)

The durability of the natural fiber is extreme. It is okay to scrub these types of carpets while cleaning. They are quite easy to clean and have a non-flammable nature.  

  • Polypropylene, nylon

But artificial or fake grass carpets made of polypropylene or nylon are very famous nowadays for its indoor and outdoor uses in modern home decor. Even though in most of the cases they said they preferred to fulfill outdoor purposes. 

Normal carpets made of polypropylene nylon are also good choices.

  • Wool

It is a very good choice if you want to have a warm feeling in your feet while you are in your kitchen. It is stain resistant as well.

  • Lighting of the kitchen

It is very important to understand that the lighting of the kitchen plays a great role while you are considering what type of carpet you would choose for your kitchen. 

If you do not have a good source of natural light in your kitchen, then you should not prefer to have a kitchen carpet with a darker color.

But if you have a preferable light source around your kitchen, then a darker colored carpet will be a preferable choice.

Also you should avoid the color for a kitchen carpet if the same color is applied on your wall. Because it will camouflage the kitchen carpet.

lighting of the kitchen
  • The size and layout of the kitchen floor

If you have a larger kitchen, then the kitchen carpet is going to be larger and take a lot of space. So the quantity of the carpet directly depends on the size of the kitchen. 

In the same way if you have a smaller kitchen, then you would need kitchen carpet in a relatively smaller size.

  • The decor of your kitchen and its surrounding

There are different types of kitchens nowadays. In some houses, the kitchen is right beside the living room. This is usually found in apartments or flats. Then there is the dining room beside the kitchen. In these cases, kitchen carpets are chosen differently based on this.

The main color of the kitchen is preferred to dominate the tone of the kitchen carpet. Try to buy a warm colored kitchen carpet for a kitchen with warm colored walls, and consider shades of the same color in that manner.

  • Non-slip characteristics 

A kitchen carpet must have the non-slip property in it. Otherwise it is not safe to use at all. It must have an anti slip backing. Some carpets have rubber foam under it so that it holds everything above itself as much as possible.

Carpet Vs Rugs In The Kitchen

There is a very common misconception among people that carpets and rugs are the same which is not true. Even though they serve the same purpose, there are some fundamental differences between them.

So, we must know the difference between carpet and rugs. Rugs are basically used to cover a smaller area and it is mainly made out of woven materials.

 On the other hand, carpets usually fulfill the purpose of covering a much larger area than rugs. It is made from woven fabrics. Also carpets can be spanned from wall to wall and can cover the whole floor as well.

rug in the kitchen

As your kitchen does not need the full coverage in most of the cases, so carpets would be a great choice as by definition of both of them.

Both of them have a wide variety of selection according to designs, sizes, preferences and so on. Which kind of carpet or rug would go well with your kitchen is up to you and your budget

Consider Carpet Runner In The Kitchen

Carpet runner in the kitchen is a very good choice for many reasons. Even though in some cases, carpet runners are considered as a fancy material that is not necessary for a cozy home decor. But let’s discuss why we should consider carpet runners in the kitchen.

Carpet runners are mostly used in the hallway and the staircase. In these places, sometimes you have to run or walk faster when you are in a rush. That means it is good for your safety.

Kitchen is also a place where you have to spend a lot of time and sometimes when you do not have enough time to cook something according to your time preferences, you just have to hurry. So when you are in a hurry, you have to rush. You have to walk faster or run to take your things from here to there. 

carpet runner

So there is a chance to slip, and so the carpet runner is going to save you as it saves in the hallway or staircase. Because the same thing or same materials are being used for your kitchen. 

 In this situation, a carpet runner is going to be a life saver.

High traffic kitchen runner made of high quality fabric is a very considered choice for a kitchen carpet. Usually wool is preferred in this case because it is easier to clean this thing. It also removes stains as much as possible because of its durability.

You Can Use Carpet Tiles As An Alternative

carpet tiles

Carpet tiles can be used as an alternative of carpeting because there is much to install and remove than usual carpets. These can be customized according to their sizes. They are much cheaper and more affordable than the usual carpets available in the market.

Carpet tiles have more stain resistant qualities then the general carpets. The durability and the easy to clean nature is very attractive to fulfill the same purpose of the carpets.

But also, it is much harder to install and remove than the usual carpets. It will give you an outlook to your home. But you have to go through some difficulties if you want to change it. It is much easier to change carpets than carpet tiles.

But if you are confident enough to take care of that problem then carpet tiles are good to go.

Should You Be Afraid Of Stains?

You should not be worried about usual stains, spills or messes. These can be easily cleaned using the traditional shampoo cleaning method. But some of the high quality carpets are dry cleaned. And this type of carpet should not be used in the kitchen as there are always some kinds of messes going around here.

Some of the worst stains for the carpets are blood, ink, coffee, mud etc. But chewing gum on the carpet is the worst case scenario.


But these are not considered regular phenomena. So you should not be worried about regular stains. 

Pros Of Carpet In The Kitchen

There are a lot of pros of using a kitchen carpet. Some of them are discussed below-

  • It gives your kitchen a stylish and desirable look. It gives your home a more cozy and comfortable vibe. It also brings out the decor and color of the kitchen. It makes your kitchen more vibrant. 
  • It offers us warmth to the feet. It feels really good to walk or stand on a kitchen carpet in really cold weather. Anyone would prefer the warmth of a carpet rather than standing on the cold tile for a longer period.
  • It works as a form of protection as well. It has other fragile items in our kitchen from breaking. For example, if a glass falls on the floor directly, it is most likely to break. But a carpet somehow saves you from that.
  • It reduces noise when you walk on a hard floor made of tile. It also reduces the sound of the air. It works as a sound absorber. It gives you a quieter kitchen to work in for a longer period.

These were some pros of kitchen carpet. These are the benefits you are going to have if you have a kitchen carpet.

Cons Of Carpet In The Kitchen

No good thing on this earth is without its bad sides. In the same way, the kitchen carpet also has a few cons. Some of them are –

  • It is much harder to clean a kitchen carpet than a floor made of tile or concrete. They get spilled, messed, torn. They require more time and effort to manage.
  • In most cases it absorbs the unpleasant smells of the kitchen. It becomes smelly because of the bad odor of the kitchen. The regular spills and drips always make it smelly and it takes a lot of time to lessen or remove the bad odor from the carpet.
  • If the carpet does not have a non-slip property, then it will most likely slip away even when you are walking or standing on it. Also after using it for a longer time, this non-slip property starts reducing. On the other hand, those carpets that do not have this characteristic, are very dangerous to use.

These were some cons of using a creation carpet. If you are using one, then you should be careful of these disadvantages.

Tips For Keeping Carpet Safe In the kitchen

Some tips are advised by the professionals about how to keep your carpet safe from stains and spills in the kitchen. Let’s discuss about some of those-

  • First of all, maintain a regularity in cleaning the kitchen carpet.
  • Then if it is not much of a bother, then you should clean your carpet by the professionals.
  • You should apply some kind of protection in order to save your carpet from the future spills and messes.
  • If you have spilled something on your carpet, then you should take care of that immediately before it leaves a permanent stain.

These were some tips that will help you in order to keep your carpet free from stains and messes.


In this article, we have discussed a variety of topics about kitchen carpets. There are a lot of things that you should consider before buying a kitchen carpet. 

Then the purposes of rugs and carpets are the same. So you should choose them according to your preferences.

You can also consider carpet runners in your kitchen as an option. In some cases, carpet tiles can be a good choice as well.

Everything has both pros and cons and so does kitchen carpets. Some of the pros and cons of kitchen carpets have been discussed above. 

Then it is also discussed if we should be afraid about stains on our carpet or not. And also there are some tips about cleaning the kitchen carpets.

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