How To Clean Boat Carpet? Easily By Yourself

If you are a boat owner then you must have faced this problem frequently – to clean the boat carpet. This is a burning question among boat owners; how do I clean my boat carpet?

Cleaning a boat carpet can be troublesome work to do. That is why most owners hire professionals to do this. But while you can do this on your own, you can save a good amount of money for this.

In this article, we covered the steps and essential items about how to clean a boat carpet. So let’s not waste any time.

Essential Items To Clean The Boat Carpet

There are many items out there you can use to clean up the mess from your boat carpet. But the most important items are:

  • Hose of water
  • Some Brushes
  • A huge brush
  • Carpet cleaner (Boat Carpet Cleaner)
  • A vacuum cleaner
  • Some Glasses
  • A cloth

All of these items are available here.

How To Clean Boat Carpets?

Here are the proper steps to clean a boat carpet:

Sweep the carpet texture

The main reason for doing this is to clear as much debris from the carpet. 2 to 3 passes are enough to remove the debris. These debris are the most troublesome things to clear. So removing these should be the first priority.

Soak the mat

Using the hose soak the entire carpet with water. Soaking it will help a lot to clean it that is why you have to make sure that the whole carpet is wet.

Use the cleaner

Now use a cleaner such as a boat carpet cleaner. This item is will help a lot to clean the marine carpet. Some people mix vinegar with boat carpet cleaners. If you want to use this kind of mixture you better use the proportion of 1:5. 

Soaking the carpet for 10 to 15 minutes will be enough. But make sure you read the proper instructions on the label.

Sweep the rug again

After using the chemical solution you have to sweep the carpet once more. This time you will face some particles removed from the carpet. 

For this work, you better use a long brush. It will help you all the way to brush the carpet properly.

Wash the chemicals away

After brushing the carpet with the chemicals wash the carpet properly. The strong pressure of water is recommended for this but if your carpet is soft then use the usual pressure.

Make the carpet dry

Another troublesome work after this is making the carpet dry. But before leaving this to dry use a cloth to remove the moisture from the carpet.

Vacuum to recover the fluffiness

After everything is done, start vacuuming from the edge of the carpet. This will help the carpet to regain its fluffiness.


If you are going fishing or on a cruise, you will obviously want a good situation in the boat including a good and fresh carpet. So you will have to take good care of the boat carpet.

And don’t forget to dry carpet after cleaning.

But you do not have to get stressed over this thing. We got you here. In this article, we covered the fundamentals of cleaning a boat carpet. If we missed any vital information we sincerely apologize for that.

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