Emergency Carpet Cleaning: Secrets of the Pros Revealed

Carpet cleaning is a common thing among users who decorate their residences with aesthetically designed carpets. But it is a matter of concern, when an event occurs or a situation gets created that requires immediate attention.

Here comes the term “Emergency Carpet Cleaning”. But most people ask “How would I know that my carpet needs an emergency cleaning?” or “How often does my carpet need to be professionally cleaned?”

Well, it is better to contact a professional when emergency cleaning is required. Because these types of cleaning services need special attention which can not be done at home.

Though if you need to know the signs. Do not worry, we are here to guide you on this topic. Let us find something that you need to know now.

How To Know If The Carpet Needs Emergency Cleaning?

It is very simple and also important to comprehend when the carpet of your room needs to be cleaned. But there are some events or courses of events that often occur that make it mandatory to clean the carpet immediately.

Here are some signs that would require immediate attention:

Alcohol & Coffee Stains

Alcohol & coffee stains are not good for your carpet. These create permanent stains on your valuable asset.

Chocolate stains, Ice-cream stains, blood stains, and Soft-drinks stains are also kind of the same.

These types of stains need to be removed within 24 hours. Otherwise, they can set their home down there and ruin the appearance of your carpet.

Moreover, these stains attract molds and other germs which may affect your health.

wine dropped on carpet

Remedies of Alcohol & Coffee Stains

  1. Quick dry that stained area at first using a towel
  2. Spray a cleaning solution or make one by yourself (vinegar or detergent with water). Be careful what you are spraying on what kind of fabric.
  3. Then rinse with cold water
  4. If the damage is severe, then contact a carpet cleaning professional

Pet Urine

Pet urine requires immediate action. Because pet urines are warm and acidic it creates an ideal environment to set nests for bacteria and molds.

So as soon as you observe this incident, clear it that at the very time otherwise, you will suffer.

cat rinated on carpet

Remedies of Pet Urine

  1. Quickly dry the portion with a tissue or towel
  2. Then make a cleaning solution (⅓ Vinegar with water or detergent with water)
  3. Spray it over that stain and keep it for some time
  4. Then rinse it with cold water
  5. If the damage is severe, then contact a carpet cleaning professional

Overflowed Dust

Carpet fibers are very dust catchy. So, if your carpet is not cleaned for a long time and your living environment contains large amounts of dust in the environment, then it is a must to clean your carpet immediately.

If you do not do so, you and other members of your family may get allergic and lungs related problems.


Remedies of Overflowed Dust

  1. Use a vacuum cleaner to remove clouds of dust
  2. Beating on the roof under direct sunlight can also be done
  3. If the damage is severe, then contact a carpet cleaning professional

Water Damage

Running tap, tap leakage, roof leakage, etc can cause water damage to your carpet.

This situation needs to be controlled by a strong hand because a wet area is ideal for the growth of molds and bacteria.

So take action within 24 hours otherwise your carpet may get permanent damage.

Water spilled on carpet

Remedies of Water Damage

  1. Need to stop or repair the source of water at first
  2. Then towel dry that wet portion
  3. Keep your carpet underneath a fan to evaporate water
  4. If the damage is severe, then contact a carpet cleaning professional.

Vomiting Stains

It is a gross thing and a matter of common sense that you need an emergency carpet cleaning.

Otherwise, your carpet may get permanently stained and smell gross which will lead you to replace that carpet with a new one.

puke on carpet

Remedies of Vomiting Stains

  1. First clean that space up
  2. You can use blunt knife-type objects to remove the solid parts
  3. Then spray a disinfectant(depending on fiber type) on that portion
  4. Then blot it using a water and vinegar mixture
  5. Then rinse it with cold water
  6. If the stain is still there, then contact a carpet cleaning professional


Emergency cleaning should be handled by a professional as the situation is not normal. It is also suggested by experts to clean your carpets by a professional every 8-12 months whether an emergency situation appears or not.

So be wise about your health as the carpet affects your health to a greater extent.

by Claire
My business background is in Customer Service, which has led nicely into my role in the cleaning industry. I love meeting new people, and spending time with our customers. I am never in a rush to leave and ensure we not only carry out a thorough job, but have time to chat to some of our lonelier clients if required.