How to Clean Glass off Carpet? 5 Simple Steps

There are many ways that can damage your carpet permanently. Spilling water or spilling coffee can damage your carpet severely. 

Broken glass is one of the big reasons to damage carpets severely. If you are not aware of that then there are a lot of causes that can damage your carpet permanently by ripping and tearing your carpet. 

Even if you are not careful while cleaning, some strips of glass can hide in the fabrics of the carpet which can lead to a bad injury just by walking on the carpet without any shoes.

So how to clean broken glass off Carpet? You have to give more attention to cleaning up the mess and keeping yourself and your carpet.

How To Clean Broken Glass Off Carpet?

There are some steps you have to follow correctly, else you have to face many problems while cleaning up the broken pieces of glass.

Step 1: Inspect the area where the glass is broken

After breaking a glass you have to keep calm and inspect the area carefully and look for the broken pieces. Depending on how the glass pieces are broken you have to take possible steps.

Step 2: Shoes and rubber gloves

The first and foremost thing is to wear shoes and gloves to clean up the broken pieces of glass. You obviously do not want to step on a strip of glass or get cut by it. You better use thick rubber gloves and thick shoes. This will ensure your safety.

Step 3: Get a container where you can put the broken pieces

Some people take the broken pieces on paper or cloth but this is far more dangerous as some pieces may leave on the cloth, if you use the cloth later you may face a dangerous situation. 

For a better and safer option, you can use a container where you can put the broken pieces.

Step 4: Take out the bigger pieces by hand

There can be some larger pieces of that glass that are visible clearly. Use your hands to remove those pieces. Make sure you are wearing thick gloves.

Step 5: Use the vacuum cleaner

After removing the bigger pieces there will be small pieces that are not visible to you. You should not take any risks by ending the work here. 

Vacuum the whole spot thoroughly. This ensures that no broken pieces are left. By this, not only your carpet but also your safety will be assured.

Infographic on cleaning broken glass on carpet


With broken glass on the carpet and damaging the carpet permanently is a silly thing to do when you can take proper steps and make your carpet harmless.

In this article, we tried to show you the best possible way which can keep you and your favorite carpet safe from broken pieces of glass. 

If we missed any vital points we sincerely apologize.

by Claire
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