The Best Way To Get Soap Out Of Carpet

Are you having problems cleaning the carpet? Does your carpet show stains just after cleaning it up with soap? No need to worry anymore. We got you here.

The main reason for stains showing just after cleaning it up is the soap sticking with the fibers of the carpet. You might wonder what is the best way to get soap out of carpet.

There are some methods you have to follow correctly. If you follow these steps properly then your carpet can finally be cleaned and the reappearance of the stains will not happen anymore. 

In this article, we covered all the necessary steps for soap to get out of the carpet. Let’s not waste time anymore.

Methods To Clean Up Soap From The Carpet

There are mainly two types of soap spillage on the carpet:

  • Wet soap spillage
  • Dry soap spillage

If you own any kind of wet or dry vacuum then you will have the best results for cleaning up the soap of the carpet. 

The Process To Wash Dried Soap From The Carpet

  • As the soap has dried the first thing you have to do is neutralize the soap. Using warm water is the best way. Some vinegar mixed with the water buffs the process.
  • After that, use a towel soaked with water and vinegar mixed solution and start to rub the place. 
  • Rub the place until a majority of the soap is wiped out. 
  • After that use warm water to rinse off the solution and use a dry towel to clean up the moisture.

Thus following these steps you can remove the soap from the carpet.

The Process To Wash Wet Soap From The Carpet

  • As the soap is still wet on the carpet the best starting will be to take out as much soap as you can with a dry towel.
  • After that use a damp towel and start pressing on the damaged place, this will help to clean the soap from the fiber level. Wiping it will clean most of the soap residue. 
  • After that get another damp towel and place it where the soap is and soak as much as you can and then squeeze. Repeat the same process for some time until you can not squeeze it anymore.
  • Use a vacuum to dry out the carpet.

Other Methods To Clean Up Soap From The Carpet

If you do not have enough materials to follow the steps then you do not have to worry. We also got your back there. There are also some other ways to clean up soap from the carpet. Here are the methods:

Kitty Litter

You might be wondering why the kitty litter is here. Though kitty litter is mainly used on cats, it also plays a huge role in carpet cleaning. This method can take a huge time to clean the soap from the carpet but the result is solid. You can rely on it.

Use A Vacuum

There are different kinds of wet and dry vacuums in the market. Probably you are already owning one right now. You can use this product to clean the soap and make it new.

Sponge And Blot

As we mentioned earlier the vinegar solution is a great thing to clean up the soap from the carpet. Use this solution and then sponge and blot the place. Just doing this will certainly remove the majority of the soap particles from the carpet. 


As soap getting on the carpet is sometimes inevitable you can use these methods above and surely the result will be positive. If you do not have the necessary items then we also got the alternative ways. 

In this article, we have shown you the best way to get soap out of the carpet. If we have missed any vital information we sincerely apologize for it. 

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by Claire
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