Best Ways On How To Remove Old Carpet Glue

You may need a carpet either for functional purposes or decorative purposes. So it is also obvious that you will change that carpet after a certain time. 

While removing the old carpet, you will also need to remove the carpet glue from the floor also. But I am sure that you have very little idea of how to remove old carpet glue from the floor.

You must remove the old carpet glue from the floor otherwise you can not install a new one. Because of the old carpet glue, the new one will not get the proper grip.

You can use a scraper to remove the stains. You can use glue removers, hot water, and chemicals also. Ammonia, vinegar, and acetone are the most used chemicals among them which can be used to remove stains from the floor.

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But these are not all. You need to know the procedure in detail, don’t you? So let us have a tour of this topic and learn how to do that.

Methods Of Removing Old Carpet Glue

There are various methods that can be applied to remove old carpet glue. But all of those methods are not easy and efficient.

That is why we are here to help you with the easiest ways to remove glue from old carpets. Some simple methods you will find here.


This might be the first method to use to remove your old carpet glue.

Most types of carpet glue might be removed by this method. You will only need a scrapper or a knife which can be used to scrap the glue stains.

Though it is a simple way it is not labor friendly. A lot of time and hard work is required while using this method. In that case, you look through the other methods.

Boiling water


This one is very user-friendly and simple. What you will need is just the amount of boiling water.

Most of the glue stains can be removed by pouring hot water on those stubborn stains and then scrubbing them off your floor.

But you need to be aware as you are dealing with heated water which may burn your skin off. Otherwise, it is a very simple way to remove those sticky stains.

Ammonia And Water

This method will require ammonia dissolved in water with a limited amount of detergent.

First, you need to mix ammonia and detergent together and then apply them to the glue stains. It will loosen the sticky stains. When you use a scrubber over those stains, those stains will be removed. Then you need to wash that area using a wet cloth.

This is also a good method but as chemicals like ammonia are involved, you need to be a little bit careful while applying it on the floor.



This is a very risky method as it involves the use of acetone.

Acetone is a very strong chemical that can be used to remove stains from your concrete floors especially. A paint thinner can also be used instead of acetone.

You will need to pour the acetone into a bowl or into something and then use a scrubber with coarser bristles to dab it in the acetone. Then scrub over the stains using that wet scrubber. Acetone will loosen your carpet glue stains and scrubbing will remove the stains from the floor. 

But you need to be very careful and using protective gloves is a must in this case as acetone is a very strong chemical substance.


This is another safe method that can be easily used to remove carpet glue stains.

You just need to pour the limited amount of vinegar depending upon the stain condition and then just reb them off your floor. The acidity of the vinegar will loosen the stain molecules up and you can easily then remove those stubborn stains from your floor.

This method is very safe as it is a food-grade ingredient and can be found almost in every home.


Final Words

From all those discussions and suggestions, it is very clear to you that you can remove carpet glue stains easily without the help of a professional.

You just need some pantry chemicals or cosmetic chemicals or some common tools to remove those sticky stains from your floors.

So now you can easily use the methods and scrape them off. So be safe, and be wise about what you are using to complete the process.

by Paul Carson
Paul Carson is a carpet specialist. He and his wife have been in the industry for several decades, starting with Carson’s Carpets & Floors when it was just a junior high shop. His father was also a professional carpenter who installed floors and carpeting for years. Carson has been installing carpets since he was fourteen years old.He did not want to be like his dad, so he became an installer.

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