Is Carpet Cleaning Hard Work?

It is a common question among many people if carpet cleaning is hard work to do. The answer is yes, it is hard work to do if the carpet is very old and has too much soil. The more the age of the carpet and the amount of soil, the more problems will only increase.

Cleaning a carpet is hard work to do. In that case, we can take the help of professional carpet cleaners for an efficient and effective carpet cleaning which may cost a little bit of money but the result will be satisfying.

How Difficult Is Carpet Cleaning?

It seems to be a challenging job. I must consider many things while cleaning the carpet by myself.

I need to consider the chemicals I am using to clean, their effectiveness, their efficiency, their side effects, and so on.

The amount of grease and soil increases difficulties and the choice of fiber quality also impacts this case. In simple words, I can say that it is a difficult job because the soil removal according to the type and quality of the carpet fiber needs to be considered while choosing chemicals, machines, and methods to clean the carpet in a proper manner.

Things To Consider While Cleaning Carpet

The things I need to pay attention to while cleaning, are:

  • Not to over-wet my carpet
  • The carpet may shrink if too much heat or steam I apply
  • Need to be careful while cleaning the side seams of the carpet. Because if anyhow I damage the edge neatening seams, it may result in the further fraying of my carpet
  • Need to choose the right chemical to remove the stains and not overuse them, otherwise, it may reduce the fiber strength of the carpet
  • Need to be aware of carpet browning and wicking which is mainly caused by the wet fiber itself
  • I might not rub too harshly because it can reduce the temper of the carpet.
  • Washing the traffic areas properly as the soil more than other areas
  • Fluffs are seen when I bought a new carpet which can be minimized by gentle vacuum cleaning

How Much Time Is Needed To Clean My Carpet?

Generally, I will need around 30-60 minutes to clean but it varies according to the stain hardness and soiling condition.

What Is The Ideal Time To Clean My Dirty Carpets?

I would suggest cleaning your dirty carpets in the spring. Because generally, the environment becomes lively and fresh air flows through all over the country. 

So, in my opinion, if I clean my dirty, soiled carpets during this time, then it would be perfect to enjoy the spring. Because the fresh air will be more enjoyable inside my room. On the contrary, dirty carpets pollute the air of the room also which will deprive me of the fresh touch of spring.

Should I Clean It By Myself Or Hire Professionals?

I can clean the carpet by myself only if it is not so dirty. 

I suggest hiring a professional to do this work once a year as they know well where and how to use chemicals to remove all the dirt and soil and not harm any living creature because renowned cleaners use green chemicals.

I would also suggest comparing the cleaners as every one of them will not give you the best result and will not use green chemicals which may harm your family members and pets.


Finally, I can say that carpet cleaning is hard work to do. We need to consider some things while cleaning the carpet for a better and more effective cleaning effect.

We can clean carpets at home by ourselves but I would suggest hiring a cleaner to clean your carpets annually. Because there are some portions with much more soil and specks of dirt that require professional treatment.

We must create a happy and clean environment at home for ourselves and our family members. Be clean, be safe.

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