What Causes Carpet Moths?

People using woolen carpets are at grave risk of being encountered by moths which may damage their carpets and other items as well. You also seem to be worried about these moths.

We should know what causes carpet moths so we can resolve the problem. In that case, carpet moths generally grow in warm and humid environments. Summer is ideal for their breeding and your wet carpets in summer are a perfect place for moths to lay eggs.

As you are tensed on this topic, let us jump into the stylish of months to find out if you are infested by moths and how to prevent it if you are, and the precautions as well.

What Is A Carpet Moth?

Carpet moths(Trichophaga tapetzella) are found predominantly on carpets. They feed on carpet fibers.

Adult carpet moths usually live around 2-3 weeks. But the larva stage can be prolonged to like 6 months.

Carpet moths are generally cream in color and have a dark head portion. Their life cycle is made up of 4 stages. They are mostly found on clothes as fibers are one of the feeding ingredients for them as most of them are made of protein. 

What Are The Signs Of Moth Infestation?

There are various species of carpet moths and they show different behaviors while damaging our goods. Adult moths do not harm our carpets. Only the larva damages our carpet or clothes because they feed on these.

Varying upon the species, some common signs are:

  • Holes on carpet
  • Shell-like things on the carpet
  • Crust-like things on the carpet
  • Crawling moth larva on the surface

Reasons For Carpet Moths

Several factors invite adult moths to breed in our carpets and clothes. 

Usually, a warm environment and highly humid areas are ideal for moths to lay their eggs. If pets pee on the carpet, wet carpet, or dirty woolen fabrics are also ideal for adult moths to meet and lay eggs.

Generally, moths choose these types of places because piles of fabrics make it easier for them to hide their eggs and can also accommodate them in a warm environment.

Carpets and cloths made of protein fibers like silk, wool, vicuna, etc are preferred by moths because proteins are the main feeding ingredients for the larvae to grow. Do not relieve if you do not have a woolen carpet because they might also nest in synthetic fibers if suitable conditions are met.

You will mostly encounter them during summer because naturally, the environment is warm then. By any chance during this period if you keep any protein fiber-made goods wet for a longer period, then your carpet will be vulnerable to those moths.

How To Get Rid Of Carpet Moths?

You can follow home remedies to get rid of carpet moths. But it is usually suggested by us to contact a professional for better cleaning effects. You better call a pest control company to solve this problem.

However, we are also providing you with some remedies so that you do not encounter moths on your carpets.

  • Wash your woolen carpet and clothes regularly
  • Do not let protein fibers be wet for a long period
  • Clean dark portions of your carpet regularly
  • If possible, keep your carpets in direct sunlight every 2/3 months
  • Keep woolen items in vacuum bags after thoroughly cleaning them
  • Do not store woolen items in piles in a dark and warm place
  • Regularly vacuum the edges of the carpet
  • Avoid staining the carpet and clean them immediately if stained already

It will be a talk of a fool if I suggest you not use any carpet in your house because of carpet moths. So I would suggest you take these precautions to avoid their rise and to take professional help if they are already on the rise.


Now we know what causes carpet moths so we can now prevent them before getting affected by them.

So before taking a leave from you let me say in one sentence that please do not leave your woolen or silk carpets(Synthetic as well)  wet especially in the summer season because these warm and humid portions are ideal for moth breeding which will tear your carpet down.

Now go ahead and buy a carpet moth killer spray and treat them for good.

So keep your carpet clean and wish you a sound life.

by Paul Carson
Paul Carson is a carpet specialist. He and his wife have been in the industry for several decades, starting with Carson’s Carpets & Floors when it was just a junior high shop. His father was also a professional carpenter who installed floors and carpeting for years. Carson has been installing carpets since he was fourteen years old.He did not want to be like his dad, so he became an installer.