What Staples To Use For Carpet? [Best Types]

Generally most people are familiar with laying the carpet of their house by themselves and basically we have to staple the carpets to the surface.

But in case you have no proper idea on how to staple carpets and need good suggestions, then let us share some exciting ideas with you! 

And by the end of the article, you will get to know what staples you should use for your carpet!

Types Of Staples To Use For Carpets

There are some specific types of staplers for carpets especially for the seams and others are used for tack strips. 4 staplers are extremely necessary and helpful for sticking the carpets. Those are – 

  • The Electric stapler
  • The Manual stapler 
  • The Pneumatic stapler 
  • The Hammer tacker

A little description about the staplers with its pros and cons are mentioned below for you to have a better reading about the staplers-

The Electric Stapler

An electric stapler is the simplest and easiest stapler to use for laying carpets as it is smaller in size than a pneumatic gun and also a very common carpet stapler to use.


  • Easy to use in different settings
  • Affordable 
  • Does Not need a lot of experience to use 
  • Safe to use with proper instructions 


  • If it is used without the proper instructions then there is a chance of danger even if it is relatively safe to use than pneumatic stapler. 

The Manual Stapler 

You can have a look into the manual stapler in case you don’t get tired of squeezing into a good number of crannies and nooks.


  • Smaller in size than electric stapler 
  • Affordable 
  • Easy to use by yourself at home


  • Tiring
  • Deeper staple insertion is difficult to control 
  • High chances of leaving work half done
  • Gets jammed easily
  • Hard to find someone in an area to do the carpets manually with the help of manual stapler, which means ultimately you have to do it by yourself

The Pneumatic Stapler

The most powerful and strong stapler among all carpet staplers is the pneumatic stapler. So it can be used to do the carpet laying works easily and quickly.


  • Does the work in less time 
  • Easy and comfortable to use for those who are familiar with it


  • Dangerous to use for those who are not familiar with it
  • Can’t be handled properly if not experienced 
  • High chances of being less practical 
  • Expensive 
  • Needs air tank to be used
  • Needs enough space to move the stapler and the tank
  • The air tank of the stapler is loud, for which it creates a lot of noise which is disturbing to most people.

The Hammer Tacker 

The hammer tacker can be denoted as another type of manual gun or staple gun. 

But also it’s not totally like a manual gun, so you don’t have to squeeze the nooks. Rather it actually hammers the staples.


  • Easy to use
  • Not that much time consuming 


  • Uneven finishing 
  • Not precise to use as it needs to be swing like a hammer  

FAQs about the staplers for carpets 

Q. What type of staplers should be used for carpets?

For electric and pneumatic staplers, 20 gauge galvanized carpet staples should be used.

Q. What is the accurate staple size for carpets? 

Near half an inch or more than that.

Q. how to recognize the carpet’s staple size?

By the given two reference numbers of the brands of the staplers.


Stapling the carpets of your home by yourself might be tiring and also time consuming.

And that’s why in this article we have tried to particularly mention all that information that you need to know about carpet staplers so that in future you can staple your carpets neatly and perfectly. 

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by Paul Carson
Paul Carson is a carpet specialist. He and his wife have been in the industry for several decades, starting with Carson’s Carpets & Floors when it was just a junior high shop. His father was also a professional carpenter who installed floors and carpeting for years. Carson has been installing carpets since he was fourteen years old.He did not want to be like his dad, so he became an installer.