Can You Lay The Carpet Over The Tile? The Truth

In simple words, yes you can lay the carpet over the tile. Though it depends on the choice and the point of view of the user.

Laying the carpet is often done over the tile floor generally to modify the looks of the floor and to modify the way of living in that home. You may lay the carpet over the tile also to make it easy to clean the surface along with providing comfort under the feet.

So go through the whole article to know how to lay and what type of carpets will be suitable for you to lay over a tile floor.

How To Lay The Carpet Over The Tile?

There are different methods and tools required to lay a carpet over the tile floor. Some methods are described here

Carpet Tiles

This is the most hassle-free and comparatively cheap method to carpet your tile floor.

These types of carpets are stickers alike. There is a sticker-type portion at the back of the carpet. You just need to peel that material and stick the carpet to the floor. 

But there is one problem. This type of carpet is not very thick. So it will not provide any warm feel to your feet during the winter.

Tiles Edge Cutting

This method is not that easy to install as the procedure is very hard and expert labor is required.

You need to remove the baseboard and smoothen the surface using chemicals. Then you need to spread an underlayment evenly over the surface and then need to measure the wall length and be required to cut the carpet roll.

This method is comparatively expensive and gives a firm grip on the floor to the carpet. This is thicker than the previous one as a result gives a warm feel during the winter.

You can learn about the required tools to lay the carpet over the tile floor by visiting here.

Is Underlayment Required To Carpet The Floor?

Underlayment is required while laying the carpet to give it a firmer stand on the floor. Because floors of vinyl tiles, ceramic tiles require an underlayment. Otherwise, the carpet will be slippery and will be dislocated from its place easily which will be a reason for discomfort.

What Kind Of Carpet Is Best On A Ceramic Tile Floor?

It depends on the purpose of laying the carpet. 

If the carpet is being laid to increase the beauty and look of the room then some kind of aesthetic carpet is required. 

But if the purpose is to reduce the cold and make the underfoot warm during winter, then another kind of carpet is required.

In general, the carpet color should be standard and laid evenly over the floor using a good underlay. Because the role of an underlay is very important to increase the grip of the carpet and to keep it even on the floor.

Why Should Carpet Be Laid Over The Tile?

Sometimes we need to cover the tile floor with a carpet. There are some reasons to do that and foremost of the reasons are:

  • To modify the look of the floor as the tile of the floor might be old and ugly looking. It is costly to change the tiles. So it is an easy and cheap way to reduce the cost of modifying looks.
  • In the winter, we can lay a carpet over the floor to keep our feet warm. The tile floors are so cold during the winter. So, using a carpet can reduce this problem of cold feet.

There might be more reasons to lay a carpet over tile floors but the mentioned reasons are the main ones.


After all the discussions over there, we can sum the topic up by saying that it is ok and possible to lay carpet over a tile floor in order to improve the condition and looks of your living room and to provide comfort also to your underfoot.

So, you can easily lay a carpet over a tile floor. But it would be wise to take the assistance of professionals as they know well how to do it and properly. You can take the help of Angi.

Be comfortable and enhance the looks of your home.

by Paul Carson
Paul Carson is a carpet specialist. He and his wife have been in the industry for several decades, starting with Carson’s Carpets & Floors when it was just a junior high shop. His father was also a professional carpenter who installed floors and carpeting for years. Carson has been installing carpets since he was fourteen years old.He did not want to be like his dad, so he became an installer.