Does The Carpet Match The Drapes? The Actual Meaning

“Does the carpet match the drapes?”

If you’ve ever wondered what this popular phrase means, or if you’re curious about its history, this blog is for you.

Let’s explore the underlying meaning of “Does the carpet match the drapes”, as well as its use in various contexts. I’ll also share some examples that will give you a better understanding of this popular phrase.

So What Does It Mean?

Well, in this context the drapes refer to the color of the hair and the carpet refer to the color of  pubic hair. 

funny right?

Generally, it is women who face these types of questions.

This phrase is often used to find out if a woman is truly blonde or not, or if her hair color and pubic hair color are the same. Sometimes it asked to find out if she had dyed her hair color or not.

It’s more like a men’s phrase but isn’t a decent question to ask a woman to know if she is a real redhead or not.

Here in this context, the words ‘Drapes’ and ‘Carpet’ do not refer to anything like body hair or home-related things.


“Check out that red-haired girl over there. Do you think the carpet matches the drapes?”

Here the speaker wants to know whether her hair color is truly red or not. 

Is It A Popular Phrase, And Why?

“Does the carpet match the drapes?” is a popular phrase because it is a way of checking to see if someone has red hair.  It’s usually used as an icebreaker at parties, so people can start conversation with others. It’s also sometimes used when people are trying to be polite and not say anything about a bad outfit or color choice. People usually use it as an icebreaker at parties, so they can start conversations with others.

It only takes one little detail to ruin the whole thing. So make sure everything is perfect before you say “Does the carpet match the drapes?”

That’s it for today.

by Claire
My business background is in Customer Service, which has led nicely into my role in the cleaning industry. I love meeting new people, and spending time with our customers. I am never in a rush to leave and ensure we not only carry out a thorough job, but have time to chat to some of our lonelier clients if required.