Does Anyone Use Carpet Anymore? With Latest Trends

So what do you do when you buy a house? Well, you want it to look nice, right?

So you decorate your home like your dream house. You buy the furniture, flooring, and paint your walls. You might even put in a pool or gardens! Many homeowners get confused when it comes to flooring. They are just not sure which flooring option to go with; hardwood, tiles, laminate or carpeted floor.

While choosing a carpet flooring option;They wonder if carpet is still trendy or not or if people still use carpet or not.

Well, people still use carpet for flooring; like wall-to-wall carpeting. A lot of homeowners prefer more carpet flooring than hardwood flooring.Even some people don’t buy houses because of the hardwood floor.

Carpet is a popular option for living rooms and bedrooms, because it’s comfortable, lasts a long time and can be cleaned easily. Carpet also looks nice when it’s freshly vacuumed. There are several types of carpet, including berber, cheetah and sisal. Some carpets are made from natural fibers like wool or cotton, while others are made from synthetic materials.

Carpeting Is Coming Back

Hardwood flooring has been very trendy recently and lots of people still choose hardwood floors.

But the carpeting is coming back. People are realizing that carpet is a much better option than hardwood flooring because it’s more comfortable, lasts longer and can be cleaned easily. A lot of people are starting to return to carpet as their flooring choice for these reasons.

There were times when homeowners used to carpet all over the house; Recently, the trend is changing. Carpets are disappearing from the living room, dining, family, drawing rooms; and being installed in bedrooms, mudrooms and kids rooms.

Carpeting doesn’t run out of trends;it’s just changing its style every now and then.

Why I Like Carpet

I like carpet because it’s comfortable. I’m not one of those people who are always running into things on hardwood floors.

Carpet also traps dirt and dust which is great if you have allergies or Asthma. It also doesn’t need a lot of maintenance, other than sweeping once a week.

There are also a lot of fun patterns and colors to choose from when you’re buying carpet. Kids can play on it. You can even sleep on it if you have a fluffy carpet. 


carpets are much more comfortable than hardwood floors. Hardwood is extremely scratchy and can be very dangerous if you’re not careful. Hardwood floors can be very dusty, which is not good if you have allergies or asthma.

Easy To Clean

Carpets are a big hassle to clean, most people will say this. It’s really not difficult at all to clean, it just takes some time. A lot of people will tell you that carpets are also easier to keep clean than hardwood floors.

With hardwood floors, you have to be careful about sweeping and mopping because it can easily get messy, like getting scratched. With carpets, all you have to do is vacuum once a week! 

Yeah, I know you’re afraid of high traffic areas, you can choose different flooring in these places.

Pet Friendly

Carpets are also a great choice for pet owners. Pets love to scratch and dig, which is good for their natural instinctual behavior. Carpet doesn’t tend to fray like wood does, so it’s less likely that your pet will get nails in it and cause havoc.

If you have pets, hardwood floors can be a nightmare. Dogs and cats will damage the floor. They like to dig. When they do this, it creates holes in the floor that are difficult to repair.

Makes Home More Homely

I have been using carpet for about 7 years in my home. It was installed when I purchased the house, and I liked it so much that I didn’t want to give it up. The truth is, I really like carpet. It’s soft to the touch, it’s easy to clean, and I find that my furniture seems more comfortable.

Apparently, homeyness is subjective! So, for me personally; carpet is about 99% of the reason why I use it in my house instead of hardwood.

The truth is, interiors are a matter of personal preference. The more unique, the better. I know some people would like hardwood floors which don’t scratch or get dirty with pet hair. Most households will agree carpet beats floor finish for warmth and glumness, so why not go with what most choose?

The Look

Carpet gives an elegant look to home interiors. Creating a cozy and homely impression is always very important, and carpeting does this great job.

Try to pick a warm and rich color for your flooring. Decorative patterns are sometimes combined with carpeting, giving an incredible look at a bargain price!

Cool dark colors also seem so classy when used on carpeted areas; it’s hard to believe that most carpets have achieved their present popularity due to their cheap price, so a warm and inviting space will always win in the end.

Its Cheaper

Carpeting gives you a good value for your money. It is less expensive than most other types of floors, and the durability seems to last longer as well. By choosing tile or hardwood flooring instead, it might be more convenient, but it will cost hundreds of dollars more per square foot of finished space. Now it’s dirt cheap, so there is no reason not to have carpets as a flooring in your home.

Carpeting is growing as a floor covering in homes. You don’t have to shell out big bucks to get your living room looking awesome and chic! With today’s easy-to-install technologies, carpets can be installed right over the old finish you already like on your floors. 

Now let’s look at some recent and latest Carpet trends:

Natural Fiber

This is the hottest trend in flooring right now. It’s a soothing combination of colors and fibers that looks incredible next to wood, stone or hardwood floors. Natural fiber carpets have an identical look to wool carpets but are created using threads instead of yarns made with wool – this makes them softer and more stain resistant.

Vintage Carpeting

This isn’t exactly a new trend – it’s really an update to the look of carpeting that hearkens back to mid-century fashion houses that used bright colors, geometric patterns and busy swirl designs as their trademarks. 

A very popular choice for homeowners these days, vintage carpets remain in great shape even after the years when they were first installed. This flooring can provide an authentic look to a home – without having to spend a fortune on purchase or installation!

Animal Print

This trend is a bit different for carpeting, but. 

If you’re trying to incorporate a bit of maximalism into your home, consider a bold animal print carpet. This look isn’t for the shy home decorator, but a leopard or cheetah print carpet is a bold statement and still remains in fashion.

Rugs On Carpet

Just because your home has wall-to-wall carpet doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate a few area rugs as well. When done correctly, layering an area rug on top of the carpet is a great way to turn your home’s look completely around.

Plus, don’t have enough floor space to utilize an area rug? A nice combination of the two would be the perfect choice – combining a few large round rugs and coordinating smaller area rugs throughout your living room or family rooms can add serious style.

Try Plaid

Whether you’re planning to mix patterns in your room or you want one statement pattern, consider a plaid carpet. Traditional yet trendy, plaid is a great way to add depth to your space, and works in nearly any residential decor.

Plaid is a southern American tradition, so feel free to incorporate hand-sewn designs as well – this woven pattern will make a bold statement in any home and looks great when strolling across the room on carpet or hard flooring. It adds elegance without being too regal.

Ornament Carpet

Whether you’re wanting a unique accent point in your home or increasing the room’s focus, consider adding interesting ornament designs to your rug. This is especially useful and trendy for entertaining guests, like those next time that employee appreciation party rolls around!

Carpet Tiles

Carpet tiles are a great way to update your space without committing to an entire room. They come in a variety of patterns and colors, with modern patterns that can easily be combined with other flooring options.

Tiles also make it easy to transition from the living room to the dining space or other areas of your home. They’re perfect for smaller spaces and can even be used on top of existing carpet due to their low installing depth requirements.

Fake Grass Carpet

If you’re lucky enough to have an entire yard, fake grass is a great choice for your home’s flooring. Not only does it look just like real grass, but the checkered pattern gives interest and movement to any area rug – especially when placed outdoors.

This carpet has become a popular trend. Fake grass carpet is created by stapling shredded synthetic fibers to natural fabric and then tying the pieces in their finished pattern.

With its earthy browns, fake grass makes an ideal textured floor finish for any indoor or outdoor space. Have a look at some fake grass carpet, reviewed by us.


Carpet flooring hasn’t gone out of date yet.Many homeowners are still in love with carpeting and lots of people still fall for carpet flooring while choosing their flooring type.

It’s no secret that carpeting is still a popular choice for flooring in many homes. There are various types of carpeting available, each with their own unique style and aesthetic appeal.

Our blog post provides you with some of the latest trendy ideas on how to pick the right type of carpet for your home. Which type of carpet suits your home?

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