What Are The Best Luxury Carpets For Bedrooms?

Every one of us wants to decorate our bedrooms as much as we can.

Whether we want to give it a flashy look or an aesthetic look is totally up to us.

But what makes your bedroom more luxurious?

Is it the color of the walls? Or the furniture? Or the action figures from your favorite movie?

Well, the thing that makes your bedroom more luxurious is the carpets

Yes, for that reason, we’ve brought you the best luxury carpets for bedrooms.

These carpets not only offer luxurious looks, also the comfortness that you will feel while walking on the carpet.

So, without further ado, let’s get into it.


The luxurious look of your bedroom is basically for you, your family and the guests that may visit you.

And the bedroom is not only meant to be the master bedroom. You can have a luxury carpet for all of your bedrooms. 

Also, you can have carpet tiles to decorate your bedroom with more space of variety. As some of us don’t really like a typical large carpet.

That’s why here we have carpets for your bedroom, your master bedroom and also carpet tiles so that you can decorate your bedroom more efficiently.

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Here Are The Luxury Carpets For Bedrooms – At A Glance

There are many other carpets out there that we wanted to include. But because of the limited space, we had to cut them out. But don’t worry, we have included some luxury carpets for bedroom flooring that you can choose from.

But we were stuck only with these picks, because the more the picks would be, the more the article would become.

So, don’t get disheartened if you don’t find the perfect luxury carpet for your bedroom here. Our team did a very deep research and found them out.

Image Product Best For Price
backpac SAFAVIEH Master Bedroom Check Price
backpac Homore Bedroom Check Price
cordlessblower Yilong Bedroom, Living room or Office Check Price

SAFAVIEH- Luxury Carpet For Master Bedrooms

best luxury carpet for master bedroom

You deserve the best of the best in your home and that’s why we recommend this carpet for the master bedroom. Not only is it rich in color and size, but it’s also made with high-quality materials that will last you for years.

Do you want to know why we picked this carpet as our best carpet for the master bedroom?

It literally has 21 color variants. We don’t want to bore you by mentioning all the colors. But we can at least state some of them, such as Beige, Brown, Black, White, Periwinkle, Rose, Silver etc.

And what about the size variant? Well, it has 31 size variants. The size variants start from 2 ft 3 inch x 5 ft to 11 ft x 15 ft. Now, you have a lot of variety for your master bedroom to decorate.

The material used to make this carpet is polypropylene.

The thickness of the carpet is 2 inches. It makes the carpet more comfortable to walk on.Also, the surface is heavy duty built because of it.

You don’t have to stress out about cleaning this carpet. A casual vacuum cleaner will do the work. This makes the carpet a low – maintenance carpet.

Although polypropylene was used on it, the carpet is still harmless for your pets and children. As some people like to have their pets stay in their room, it is necessary for them to know about this.

The style of this carpet is trendy, which will impress not only you but also your neighbors and guests.

It has synthetic soft fibers which will make the carpet more durable. So, you really don’t have to throw money away as the carpet is going to last longer than other carpets.


  • Has 21 color variants.
  • Has 31 size variants.
  • Made with polypropylene
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Durable enough than the other carpets.
  • Safe for pets and children.
  • Has a trendy look.

Homore- Luxury Bedroom Carpet

luxury carpet used in bedroom

This carpet is definitely worth your attention if you are looking for a finest luxurious bedroom carpet.

It comes in different colors, sizes and patterns that will perfectly match your bedroom’s style. The material used to make it is high-quality which makes it durable, soft and comfortable to walk on. Additionally, there are no hidden pet allergies with this carpet – perfect for parents with children or pets.

The luxury carpets always have a trendy look into it no matter what.

Also they tend to have a lot of color and size variants.

The same goes for this carpet also.

This carpet has 13 color variants and the variants are Black, Gray, Pink, White, Beige, Brown, Cream White, Green, Light Orange, Red, Yellow, Burgundy and Dark Gray.

And it also has a total of 4 size variants. But the one we’ve selected here is the 4 x 5.9 ft variant as it is the ideal measurement for most of the carpets.

The carpet is made with high quality sponge and soft velvet, which gives it a fluffy look and makes the carpet extra comfortable.

The carpet is mainly made for multi – purpose uses. Though we are only covering the bedroom section here, it can still be used for your living room, your dining room etc.

The bottom of the carpet has non-slip dots, which makes it absolutely stick to the ground. Those who are struggling with their slippery carpets can try this carpet out.

The carpet is also super easy to clean. You only need a regular vacuum cleaner to clean this carpet.


  • It has 13 color variants.
  • It has 4 size variants.
  • It has a fluffy look and is extra comfortable.
  • Made for multi purpose.
  • Bottom has non-slip dots.
  • Easy to maintain.

Yilong Luxury Persian Carpet For Bedroom

yilong luxury carpet

If luxury carpet have another name that’s Persian Carpet, Persian Carpets are the most ideal choice for the bedrooms. They are luxurious and are very durable. Many people like to sleep on them.

this carpet is soft, durable, and it has a gorgeous look in it.

This one is not a carpet exactly it’s a rug. You will love how it looks in your bedroom and can be used for living room, dining room or any other place where you want to add a touch of luxury.

With Yilong, you can find a traditional rug that is both beautiful and durable. This carpet is made with 100% hand-knotted silk with a vegetable dye process that ensures their vibrant colors will not fade over time. ensuring that the beauty of the design will last through time which means that they’re sure to last – even in the most demanding environments. You can even use it as an art piece, or as a valuable gift for someone special.

Style is key when it comes to choosing a rug, and that’s why we offer a variety of design options. You can choose from a traditional design, or opt for something more unique and eye-catching. Plus, our rugs come in a variety of colors that will suit any decor.

Only problem with this carpet is it’s too expensive, but this rug is sure to make a statement.

But you know luxury has a price.

Learn more about carpet fabric here.


  • Endless combination of patterns.
  • Need low maintenance.
  • Made for multipurpose.
  • Has multiple color variants.

Sum Up

That’s all we have got here for now.

Hope you can find the best luxury carpet for bedrooms here, or at least you should get the gist of what you were looking for.

If you need to know any further information, try to look for our other articles or contact us via email. We would be more than happy to help you out.

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What to keep in mind when buying a luxury bedroom carpet?

When buying a luxury bedroom carpet, you will want to make sure that the carpet is of high quality. Look for carpets made from materials such as wool or silk. These types of materials will be more durable and stain-resistant than other types of carpets.

Also, be sure to consider the flooring underneath your rug. If it is not properly installed or maintained, your rug may become undone and stained over time.

Finally, do not forget about price when purchasing a luxury bedroom carpet. While quality is important, you also need to be able to afford the carpet.

What is the most luxurious carpet?

The most luxurious carpet is undoubtedly the Persian Carpet. This type of carpet is made from wool and silk and is often decorated with intricate designs and patterns. They can cost thousands of dollars and are used in luxury hotels and homes around the world.

What is the softest carpet for bedroom?

While not all carpets are created equal, there are a few types that are known for being particularly soft and comfortable. These include wool carpets, shag carpets, and oriental rugs. Wool carpets are the softest of all and are made from woolen fabric. They are typically cooler in summer and warmer in winter, making them a good choice for bedrooms that experience temperate climates.

Is carpet a good choice for bedrooms?

There are pros and cons to carpeting in a bedroom. On the one hand, carpeting is a classic and often timeless style that can be very appeasing and calming. It also has a low-maintenance nature, which can be a big bonus if you are someone who is prone to spills and messes. On the other hand, carpeting can be hot, and it can be difficult to keep clean. 

Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide what is best for them.

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