Can I Replace The Carpet In My Apartment?

A man replacing carpet in apartment

Yes, with the consent of the landlord. It is a common question among the people who rent a house to live in – “Can I replace the carpet in my apartment?” The simple answer is replacing the carpet of any rental apartment requires the consent of the landlord as it is his/her property. The carpet … Read more

What Staples To Use For Carpet? [Best Types]

stapling stair carpet

Generally most people are familiar with laying the carpet of their house by themselves and basically we have to staple the carpets to the surface. But in case you have no proper idea on how to staple carpets and need good suggestions, then let us share some exciting ideas with you!  And by the end … Read more

What Are The Pros and Cons of Carpets?

a woman lying on carpet

Most of us use carpets in our residences. Some use carpets to enhance the decor of our rooms and provide an aesthetic look whereas some use carpets to meet some of their needs. But before installing carpets on our floors have we ever thought about the pros and cons of carpets? Most of us have … Read more

These Are The Best Carpets with Rubber Marine Backing

Rubber marine backing is an excellent choice for any indoor or outdoor carpet application. Rubber-backed carpets are flexible, resilient, and maintenance-free. This carpet assures you the stability far greater than what you might be enjoying with conventional carpets. You are guaranteed to love how the carpet looks and performs its duty. The indoor and outdoor … Read more

How Often Should You Vacuum  Your Carpet? 

It’s a common question among people who have carpet in Their homes; how often they should clean their carpet. Well, today we’ll talk about that based on real life experience.  But first, let me give you the answer. You should vacuum your carpet at least two times a week. You don’t have to clean or … Read more

What Is Carpet Moth And Its Best Treatment

carpet moth - featured image

Imagine waking up one morning and finding your carpet covered in carpet moth and moth larvae. This nightmare is all too common, and it’s not just limited to carpets – furniture, clothes, and even walls can be infested.  What is a carpet moth? And why are they so problematic? In this blog post, we’ll cover … Read more