This Is How You Get Dog Pee Stains Out Of Carpet

Some of us have pets whom we love very much. But it makes us upset as well when they damage any of our belongings. The same goes for the carpets in our home. People like us who have a pet can often pee on the carpet which is very upsetting for us.

But we can not order the pets not to do so. Because of how well-trained they are, sometimes these types of events can occur. Then we have only one question in mind and that is “how to get dog pee stains out of the carpet?”

In that case, we can simply use a paper towel to soak the pee instantly and use an enzymatic stain remover like Angry Orange Stain Remover to remove the stain along with the odor or use some grocery items to make a DIY stain remover.

To know in detail, be with me and find the answer.

How Do I Get Dog Pee Stains Out Of My Carpet?

We can remove the stains from the carpet with homemade cleaning solutions or can buy from the store.

Home-made cleaning solutions are cost-efficient and can be made by using the materials present from regular work in the home. There are mainly 3 ways to remove dog pee stains along with others. The ways are

  1. Carpet cleaner
  2. Enzymatic Cleaner
  3. Homemade Stain removers

How To Make Homemade Stain Removers?

Using Dishwashing Detergents

  • ¼ tablespoon of dishwashing detergent
  • 1 cup of warm water
  • Put them together in a bottle
  • Spray it on the spotted area and rub it with a dry cloth
  • Then dry the area
  • Repeat the process if required

Using Vinegar and Baking Soda

  • Pour the required amount of vinegar into the stained area
  • Then sprinkle the required amount of baking soda over the vinegar
  • Some bubbling sound would be heard while these two chemicals are reacting together
  • Then cover it with plastic wrap or a dry towel
  • Dry it completely, which may take from a few hours to a few days
  • Then remove the wrap and remove the excess soda
  • Then rinse the area with clean water and dry all the water out.
vinegar and backing soda

With vinegar and backing soda you can do most house cleaning work done.

Enzymatic Stain Removers

We can use the above-mentioned homemade solutions to remove the dog pee stains from my carpet. We can also buy stain removers from stores.

These removers must be enzymatic cleaners that will be environment-friendly and nonhazardous for any living being.

In the case of buying stain removers from stores, we need to be aware of the chemicals used in the solution and the effects of those chemicals on the carpet.

In that case, I can suggest you a stain remover that can remove the dog pee stains along with other stains and is very environmentally friendly. The name of the product is Angry Orange Stain Remover. It is an enzymatic stain remover that can be used on multi surfaces.

Angry Orange Stain Remover can remove both stains and bad odors from the carpet and can create a refreshing smell around us. It destroys the bad odors completely while some others mask only the odor. Or you can choose others from stores but be careful in that case because all the stain removers are not safe for us or for our pets.

How Do I Remove The Odor From The Carpet?

While we are desiring to remove the bad odor from our dog’s pee, the salts of the dried pee must be cleared. Otherwise, the odors will not be removed properly. Because the residue salts of pee actually create a bad odor.

In order to remove all the residue pee salts we can use homemade solutions as well. We can use vinegar and baking soda and follow the same procedure to remove the odors along with the stains.

If we are not willing to use homemade solutions or these solutions are not working well, then we can use an enzymatic stain remover like Angry Orange Stain Remover or others to eradicate the bad odor.

Whatever method or cleaner we choose to cleanse, the cleaners must be enzymatic because they are not harsh and environment friendly.

Does Dog Pee Permanently Stain My Carpet?

It depends on how quickly I have taken action to remove it from my carpet.

If I take a long time to remove it from my carpet then the acids of the pee will be soaked by the carpet fiber and the fibers will start to react with the acids and can cause permanent color damage in that area. 

Some bacterias will also grow there almost immediately because of the warm and slightly acidic condition which is favorable to growing bacterias.

Final Words

At last, I can sum up the problem’s solution: we can use any enzymatic stain remover or can make a DIY stain remover.

We must keep in mind that whatever chemical or solution we use, must not be hazardous for any living being.

Be sound and take care of your pets.

Now go ahead and buy a stain remover.


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