This Is How You Get Old Stains Out Of Carpet

There are many ways a carpet could get stained. For that, we must know the answer to the question “how to get old stains out of carpet”. If we get to know the answer to that question, then we will be able to understand what to do after our carpet is stained somehow.

There are many steps that we must follow to get the stains removed from our carpet. We must be very careful so that the damage does not get worse. 

Let’s discuss this in detail.

Identifying The Stain

In order to get rid of stains from carpet we have to find out what type of stain we are dealing here with. Some of them are permanent which cannot be removed without extensive and professional help. Some of them are recent and you can remove them by following some steps. 

So it is very important to identify the stain in order to take appropriate measures according to them. Also you should consider whether the stain is old or recent.

Some of the most common 5 stains are-

  • Coffee stain:

In most of the houses, people start their day with a cup of coffee to get rid of sleep. Sometimes, accidentally coffee is spilled on the carpet and coffee stains are formed.

  • Pet stain:

Houses that have pets are most likely to get this kind of stain on the carpet. The removal of the stain depends on the damage that has been done by the pets.

ink stain
  • Ink:

Using faulty pens could result in ink stains on your carpet. It is very hard to remove. And you need to be very spontaneous to act after ink has been spilled.

  • Kool aid stain:

It is one of the most common stains and also the hardest to remove. This can permanently damage your carpet if you don’t take immediate actions. Make sure not to rub in it because it will make it worse.

blood stain on carpet
  • Blood:

Sometimes blood is spilled when someone accidentally is injured and it is bleeding. Obviously, you need to take care of the person who is bleeding first. But after taking care of the person, take care of the damaged carpet immediately before it soaks all the blood in it.

These are some common stains that you must be able to identify first. Because if you don’t identify them, then you won’t be able to take steps according to it and worsen the damage.

Why Old Stains Sucks?

Old stains suck for many reasons. It does not have any pros to have old stains in your carpet, only cons. Some of them are-

  • First of all, it is really unpleasant to look at. Nobody likes old stains on a carpet. It changes the outlook of the room that the carpet is in.
  • When your carpet is old and also has old stains in it, it can cause you some dangerous infections which are severely hazardous for your health.
  • It is dangerous to have old carpet stains for a house where there are children. As small children sometimes put everything in their mouth, it can cause a serious health problem.

How To Get Old Stains Out Of Carpet?

It is hard to remove old stains from the carpet. But there are many techniques that can be followed if you want to remove old stains out of carpet. Some of them are-

  • Cleaning technique using dish wash:

In one cup of warm water, mix 1/4 tablespoon of dish washing liquid. Gradually spray this mixture on the stain. Try to extract the stain using a towel or any kind of clean cloth. Then use warm water to rinse the stain and keep following the steps  until the stain is removed.

  • Cleaning old stains using ammonia:

In one cup of water, apply two stable spoons of ammonia and mix them together. Put this liquid in a spray bottle. Apply this liquid until the stain is removed and keep doing that until the stain is removed.

These are some effective techniques that have been recommended by the professionals. And many people have found it effective.

What To Do If The Stain Is Unremovable?

If you cannot remove the stain at all, then you should contact a professional in order to help you in this regard. Most professionals provide a heavy duty carpet cleaner solution in order to remove stains that are considered to be unremovable. 

Even after that, their stain does not get removed, and they have reached the decision that the stain is unremovable, then you might not want to have a carpet in your house with a permanent and unremovable stain. 

You should not use that anymore. If you keep using that, then there are a few possibilities of health problems. Besides, it is not nice to look at.

Here’s a video made by one of my ex-colleagues.

What To Do Next?

First of all, if something is spilled in your carpet, you must identify the type of stain there is in your carpet. Then take steps according to it. Try to remove it using some homemade techniques recommended by the professionals. 

You know carpet cleaning is not that hard; you can even clean glass off of carpet. So give it a try bud.

If that is not happening, then try to contact professionals in order to remove the stain. Even after that, if the stain is not getting removed, then there is no choice but not to use it anymore. Because it is not good for a beautiful and healthy home.

by Claire
My business background is in Customer Service, which has led nicely into my role in the cleaning industry. I love meeting new people, and spending time with our customers. I am never in a rush to leave and ensure we not only carry out a thorough job, but have time to chat to some of our lonelier clients if required.